Ape Hanger Bag Outlet

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Ape Hanger Bag for custom motorcycles equipped with Ape Hanger handlebars


Ape Hanger Bag Outlet – For bikes equipped with Ape Hanger handlebars

Ape Hanger Bag Outlet Features:



This saddlebag is out because it has wrinkles that are more prominent than usual and/or marks due to handling and packaging, and expos (Please look at pictures in the image gallery).
This saddlebag has been double checked by quality control to make sure it meets Ends Cuoio quality and durability standards, therefore any defect does not compromise the product regular installation and use.

Any refund request due to marks, wrinkles or scars will not be accepted.
No accessories or modification can be added to this bag.

Ape Hanger Bag Outlet is a leather bag for bikes equipped with ape hanger handlebars; it works great as windshield as well. Installation is easy: four straps fastened on the handlebar. Once removed from the bike it can be used as a shoulder bag.

Ape Hanger Bag Outlet dimensions:

Top length: about 35 cm (13.78 inches)
Bottom length: about 26 cm (10.23 inches)
Height: about 25 cm (9.84 inches)
Width: about 10 cm (3.9 inches)

Weight 3.5 kg


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