Geronimo Outlet – Leather Saddlebag for all Indian® Chief®(2014-20), Chieftain® Vintage® and Springfield® models produced up until 2022

Ends Cuoio Geronimo Outlet saddlebag for all Indian® Chief® Chieftain® models produced up until 2022 description


This saddlebag is out because it has wrinkles that are more prominent than usual and/or marks due to handling and packaging, and expos (Please look at pictures in the image gallery). This saddlebag has been double checked by quality control to make sure it meets Ends Cuoio quality and durability standards, therefore any defect does not compromise the product regular installation and use.
Any refund request due to marks, wrinkles or scars will not be accepted.

No accessories or modification can be added to this bag.

Geronimo Outlet is a premium leather saddlebag, specifically designed and handcrafted for all 2014-2020 Indian® Chief® models, all 2022-later Indian® Vintage® models, all 2014-2022 Indian® Chieftain® models and all 2016-2022 Indian®Springfield® models. This saddlebag structure was designed thinking about riders who like our Apache models but desire something more compact for their Chief®. Geronimo Outlet outstanding capacity of about 17,5 liters can be expanded ordering a Fat version: 5 centimetres deeper and 6 litres more capacious than the standard version. Geronimo Outlet surely is the best choice for who likes week-end long road trips.

  • Handcrafted using 4 millimetres thick vegetable tanned leather.
  • Its back panel is composed of a leather lined iron structure that improves rigidity and guarantees a proper support even when the bag is fully loaded.
  • Geronimo Outlet innovative cut-out allows it to be installed as close as possible to the motorcycle fender.
  • Compatible with all models equipped with genuine rack / Sissy Bar.
  • We have structured Geronimo Outlet to be practical, versatile and easy to instal: it is supplied with the required installation hardware.
  • Installation does not require turn signal relocation.
  • Geronimo Outlet is available for either left or right side.


Indian Chief
Chief 2018
Chief Classic 2014-2018
Chief Dark Horse 2016-2020
Chief Vintage 2014-2020
Indian Chieftain
Chieftain 2014-2022
Chieftain Classic 2018-2020
Chieftain Dark Horse 2016-2022
Chieftain Elite 2017-2022
Chieftain Limited 2017-2022
Chieftain Springfield 2014-2015
Indian Springfield
Springfield 2016-2022
Springfield Dark Horse 2018-2022
Indian Vintage
Vintage 2021
Vintage Dark Horse 2021

ATTENTION! The detachable bracket requires a dedicated back-panel, therefore, IT IS NOT POSSIBLE to use a detachable bracket on bags manufactured to be installed with a fixed installation bracket.

*All our products are meant for motorcycles equipped with original parts; there might be installation problems on motorcycles equipped with different turn signals, side plate kit, suspensions and exhausts. For more information use the Contact panel.