Ends Cuoio Tatanka - Leather saddlebags for Indian® Scout® models

Ends Cuoio Tatanka for Indian® Scout® models description

Tatanka offers the quality of the most advanced Ends Cuoio motorcycle technology in a versatile saddlebag that fits every rider’s needs. It combines all the safety of the latest-generation rigid back saddlebags with the convenience of a product with a thousand use. Optimal for everyday use and for day-long rides, Tatanka is the ultimate expression of the compact saddlebags category. A product that allows riders to freely express their personality without compromises. Robust, safe, and water resistant, this saddlebag is available for either left hand side and right hand side. Tatanka can be ordered with a detachable system that allows to place it and remove it from the motorcycle with a simple gesture.The complete Ends Cuoio experience is finally available for everyone.

ATTENTION! The detachable bracket requires a dedicated back-panel, therefore, IT IS NOT POSSIBLE to use a detachable bracket on bags manufactured to be installed with a fixed installation bracket.

  • Handcrafted using 4 millimetres thick vegetable tanned leather.
  • Its back panel is composed of a leather lined iron structure that improves rigidity and guarantees a proper support even when the bag is fully loaded.
  • Tatanka innovative cut-out allows it to be installed as close as possible to the motorcycle fender.
  • We have structured Tatanka to be practical, versatile and easy to instal: it is supplied with the required installation hardware.
  • Installation does not require turn signal relocation.


Indian Scout
Scout 2015-2022
Scout Sixty 2016-2022

In order to guarantee the maximum safety and the closest distance to the fender, right side and left side saddlebags have a different back panel.

Due to the labor required to handcraft a product, production time may vary from 10 to 15 days.

*All our products are meant for motorcycles equipped with original parts; there might be installation problems on motorcycles equipped with different turn signals, side plate kit, suspensions and exhausts. For more information use the Contact panel.