Vegetable tanned leather

Vegetable tanned leather is a special material that gets better with age and, according to the latest research, it also is an adjuvant substance in the fight against bacteria.

We  purchase our main raw material from these tanneries because they represent the absolute excellence on the vegetable tanned leather market. In fact, they belong to the Italian Genuine Tanned Leather Consortium, an association that regulates vegetable leather production and makes sure that rinascimental traditional techniques are followed during every tanning step.

Tanning, matter fo fact, has prehistoric origins and nowadays finds its most excellent expression in Tuscany. For centuries, tuscan master tanners have been using artisanal and traditional techniques that nowadays developed into a perfect mix of tradition and advanced technology.

The transition from raw pelts to leather happens in a 100% natural fashion thanks to the use of tannings that come from trees. This is vegetable tanning true secret: the use of tanning agents that are extracted from plants  and that are responsible for leather brilliancy and resistance.

cuoio di toro conciato al vegetale provenienti dalle migliori concerie della Toscana
Our products secret is the quality of the leather we choose.

We exclusively use vegetable tanned bull leather personally selected from the best Tuscan tanneries.


Our leather is the outcome of this prodigious process carried out by highly skilled tuscan tanners that, following the tradition, mix natural tannins with water of their territory.

The result is a 100% sustainable and natural leather that never gets old and that with age gains strength, luster and vigor.

True natural leather

A process in harmony with the environment and in total contrast with chrome tanning, which is a simpler and cheaper tanning process discovered at the end of the 1800.

Almost 90% of the world leather production is chrome tanned with a treatment of acids and salt. The end result is grants producers the ability of coloring the pelts in an infinite number of colors.

Production costs are very competitive and the final result has a remarkable elasticity. The greatest disadvantage of chrome tanning is the tremendous impact that the chemicals used have on the environment.

Cuoio con miscele di tannini naturali
Cuoio conciato al vegetale naturale

On the other hand, vegetable tanning have an almost null impact on the environment and beside having an incredible scent and a natural look, allows to obtain products that get better with time and usage.

For us at Ends Cuoio sustainability and respect for the environment are not a choice, are a duty

Our leather is never treated with chemicals and always follows the most respects the highest quality and sustainability standards. The choice of working with vegetable tanned leather is an Ends Cuoio distinctive feature.

Design innovativo e cura per i dettagli
Filati di poliestere certificati EN ISO 9001

Premium materials

At this moment in time, when artisans find tough competition in mass production, we step up the game with excellence and with a 100% Made in Italy artisanal production.

This is the winning philosophy that took us where we are now and we are willing to continue compete with the best weapons in our arsenal: premium leather, innovative design and maniacal attention to detail.

Matter of fact, even our sewing thread is premium. Every choice of color, from black to every other color variation, we only use first choice polyester yarns.

The polyester yarns used to sew our products are EN ISO 9001 certified, certification that is synonym of amazing mechanical qualities: high resistance to traction, high resistance to abrasion, high knot resistance, and low liquid absorption.

We also use glue.

In our laboratory, our skilled artisans only use water based glue which is very resistant and 100% sustainable and not harmful for the operators.


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