The all new 2020 Harley Davidson Bronx

Bronx by Harley Davidson

The all new 2020 Harley Davidson Bronx

The all new Harley Davidson Bronx has been introduced, along with the Pan America, at the 2019 EICMA in Milan. This new project, propelled by the “More Roads to Harley Davidson” campaign, aims to rock the naked motorcycles market.

Harley-Davidson Bronx beating heart will be the new Revolution Max engine. We have heard a lot of rumors about this motor, it looks like HD is betting everything on it. We are in front of a 975cc 60° V-Twin capable of 115 HP and 94 Nm of torque. Results achieved thanks to a double throttle body and a liquid cooled system. The engine is also designed to vibrate less, an action taken to improve the motorcycle overall comfort. It looks like the Milwaukee based company wanted to offer a motorcycle usable by the 90% of the market enthusiasts.

Harley Davidson Bronx: here’s what money can buy you

From the pictures taken at the EICMA, and the ones available on HD official website, we can see a couple of interesting things. Breaking system is made by Brembo; we notice radial calipers, which is something previously introduced on the LiveWire only. We can only see that there is no ABS and no aeronautical tubes.

The front fork si upside down and, from the pics, we can notice that are adjustable. If the front gives the option, the rear one is most likely to give it too. Harley Davidson is finally giving the chance to adapt the motorcycle to the rider stile. I am impressed.

Display appears to be completely digital. This solution is in line with competitors, however we do not know what is going to show.

Bronx Calipers

Winning Project?

It is a 1 milion $ question. Harley Davidson clearly decided to jump back into a market that, in the past, was not that satisfying for the American company. The Buell project was shut down in 2009, after 25 years of activity. Will, this new project, be captivating enough to attract all the bikers that currently are in the naked segment? The answer is yes, but in the mid range. Let me be more clear: segment leaders are Ducati Streetfighter V4, Aprilia Tuono V4 and BMW S1000R, the first two simply are sport bikes with no body, the third one is more docile than the other two, and offers an incredible technology & performance bundles.

Harley Davidson, with Bronx, opted for a human scale project with easy to handle power and a torque usable on everyday roads. The Milwaukee based company wisely decided to enter the market gradually and offer a great package that can be usable by everyone.

Harley Davidson History

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