The 8 Best things to do in Big Sur

Big Sur: one of the most beautiful itineraries in California

The 8 Best things to do in Big Sur

Hello fellow Riders! We are in California, home of one of America finest locations: the Big Sur.
As i did with Route 66 article, I am going to give you details on the 8 best things to do in Big Sour. Are you ready to read about some of the best places in the world? Take your time and enjoy the ride.

What to see while visiting Big Sur?

Cliffs, reefs, panoramas and unique structures like Brixby Creek Bride. Big Sur area expands for about 45 miles inside the country and runs along the coast on Highway 1 for about 93 miles. It is not huge but it is full of sights you do not want to miss and activities you would definitely enjoy. Make sure you plan it right, otherwise the risk of missing something is really high. Getting there is not complicate at all. Since it is located right in the middle of California coastal area, you have two options:

  • From Los Angeles: follow Highway 101 until San Luis Obispo, then take Highway 1 and follow the coast. You will pass Morro Bay, Cambria and Hearst Castle before getting on the Big Sur curvy roads.
  • From San Francisco: head south passing through Daly City, San Mateo, Redwood City, Palo Alto and San Jose.
    Then get on Highway 101 for 97 miles before taking 156 West direction Monterey Peninsula. Follow the signs for the Pacific Coast Highway in order to ride the Big Sur.

A California to discover

Now that we know how to get to the area, it is time to check on all the activities and the sights the area offers us. Let’s dive into a list of the sights and locations that, to us, are a must see. We have a lot of ground to cover but first, an easter egg: Carmel by the Sea is a small town that had a movie star as a major, guess who? Clint Eastwood! That being said, this location deserves a visit, you need to go check Point Lobos Natural Reserve.

Let’s start with going to this thin, yet energic, waterfall located in Julia Pfieffer Burns State Park, is famous because of how the water hits the sand. McWay Waterfall is a breathtaking place that allows visitors to experience a great connection with nature. It is located at about 40 miles from Monterey. Definetly a must see in our jurney.

McWay Waterfall (credits by: California Beaches)

Another iconic location to visit is in Pfeiffer Beach. At Keyhole Arch, sunset light passes through an arch made of stone, creating unique and overwhelming sceneries. This beach is also named “Rainbow Beach” because its sand changes color as the sun goes down. Another must see in our adventure certaintly is Bixby Creek Bridge. It was built in 1932 to connect two Big Sur areas; the regular road usually needed to be closed due to snow during the winter. To get to the – also called – Big Sur Golden Gate – it only takes about 30 minutes if you are riding from Monterey. Boixby Creek Bridge is one of the highest bridges in the United States, and is considered one of the best views from all tourists that get there. You must be asking your self why I said so… Well, besides the awesome sorroundings, this coastal area is where sealife like whales, dolphins and seals pass by during migrations.

bixby creek bridge Bixby Creek Bridge (credits by: Pinterest)

For who loves excursions: Partingtorn Cove Trail means excursion time! This fascinating 1 mile long fast walk is something you really do not want to miss out on. During this excursion is possible to walk through a canyon and a historical woden tunnel before getting to Partington cove beach. Beside Partington Cove Trail, if you are into it, is possible to go on multiple excursions. Matter of fact, Big Sur is plenty of daily excursion programs.

Highway 1 is packed with wonders, one of it is Limekiln State Park, where is possible to appreciate a piece of 19th Century History.
This Big Sur park has a camping area and a Redwoods excursion in which you will be able to enjoy all Redwoods natural treasures. Waterfall and ovens excursions only take 2 hours and create unforgettable memories.

Limekiln State Park once was the home of a huge lime production. In 1880, limestone was collected and then put inside ovens made of stone and iron. Ovens high temperatures allowed to extract pure lime, which was used for constructions in San Francisco. Taking a tour, you will be surrounded by all that remains of the factory and will also be able to see Limekiln Falls.

Point Sur Lighthouse: a location that warms the heart

If you are looking for panoramic views, well… Point Sur lighthouse is going to be the apex of your trip. This place is simply unbelievable! Built in 1889, this lighthouse is 40 feet tall and is located at 270 feet over water surface. It’s 135 miles away from San Francisco and definitely deserves a stop. At sunset it simply is a must see!

Point Sur Lighthouse Point Sur Lighthouse (credits by:

Our trip continues to the Hearst Castle. Nowadays this castle is California State Park most visited attraction. This place counts 165 rooms, 126 acres of gardens garnished with fountains and pools. Of course, everything is topped with breathtaking views of the central coast. The castle is divided in 3 areas which can be visited choosing between 3 different tours. Our trip around Big Sur ends here, if you have been there and visited other locations, please contact us on our social media channels. We will be very happy to share your memories.

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