Super Chief Limited: everythings we like about it

Super Chief Limited

Super Chief Limited: everythings we like about it

Indian Super Chief Limited has been out for a couple fo years now. We recently had the chance to put our hands on it, here’s what we liked the most!

Super Chief Limited Riding Position

The riding position on the Super Chief Limited is a bit roomier and relaxed compared to the other models in the Chief lineup. The floorboards are stretched forward to allow for more legroom and shifts in leg position while cruising long distance, while the handlebars are wider, creating a more comfortable situation for the arms. Thanks to better padding, the seat is more comfortable for both the pillion and the rider, making this version a good fit for riders who plan on doing a lot of two-up riding.


The last things that come to mind looking at the Super Chief Limited are lightness and agility. Well, the say “look is deceiving” could not be more appropriate: this motorcycle has a new steel tubular frame is much lighter than before and a bit stiffer, and is paired with a rear aluminum subframe. This solution allows the engine fit better and more snugly, and therefore reducing the overall center of gravity. The choice of first equipment tires was clever as well: these Pirelli Night Dragon tires transmit a lot of confidence to the rider.


This engine is simply unbelievable. The ‘Thunderstroke’ 111 cubic-inch, fuel-injected, air-cooled V-twin, can always deliver the right amount of torque (at 108 ft.-lbs.). It is air cooled but, to be honest, thanks to the efficient heat dissipation offered by the fins design and the ability to switch off one of the cylinders when the motorcycle stops, it does not heat up as much as I was expecting it to do. Last but not least, the sound! It has a nice voice but, to make it express all its potential, the best thing to do is swapping the exhausts… Oh boy, the Thunderstroke 111 has a voice!


Out of all the the features offered as standard: full LED headlights, cylinder de-activation, three riding modes (Tour, standard and sport), cruise control, ABS, and keyless ignition, the one that i liked the most is the TFT screen. Not the riding modes? Nah, once you set it on sport, you are good to go. No need for other riding modes, really. The TFT screen with Ride Command offer a pretty good amount of info about the vehicle, allows the rider to manage the sat nav, music and incoming calls: it basically is a small version of what you could find on a touring.

Conclusions on the Super Chief Limited

The Super Chief Limited is not just a cruiser, it is THE CRUISER. It has everything you could expect from a cruiser and more:  comfortable riding position for both the rider and the pillion, a torquey engine, great handling, and the right amount of technology. What we loved about it is that it allows riders to go our for the occasional ride and/or for long road trips. It really is a brilliant machine.

Plus, it allows for a lot of customizations. Speaking of which, we have a pretty good selection of saddlebags for Super Chief Limited.

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