Ends Cuoio – story of a dream


Andrea and Sezin, in love with handcrafted products, used to create small artisanal pieces to sell during fairs. Initially it was only bracelets, necklace and small objects made by them.

Unconditional love for motorcycles, pure and unmatched passion for premium accessories, and and infinite desire to get out there. This is the scenery in which Ends Cuoio was born, a brand that came to light almost as a game in Paliano (Frosinone) at the beginning of the year 2000.

The two founders, moved by passion for craftsmanship, decided (as we said before, almost as a game) to create out of nothing a brand that could combine design, style and elegance. To better understand the reasons that led to Ends Cuoio development we need to start from the beginning of this century.


Passion for artisanry

During these events, while watching other artisans work on bags and other accessories, Andrea and Sezin fell in love with leather.

It was love at first site, the most sincere and strictly connected to learning on the field one.

At the time Youtube did not exist and it was not possible to find tutorial on the internet to learn techniques. If you wanted to get into something new, you only had three resources to use: intuition, willpower, and practice.

The turning point arrived when Sezin had to go visit her family in Turkey.

At the time Andrea decided to gift her something that virtually let to Ends Cuoio establishment: two handcrafted leather purses.

He took a train to Naples, bought leather and tools and got to work.

The result of his work was incredible. When Sezin got back from Turkey, she loved both bags beauty and details so much that she proposed Andrea to try sell them.

At the first event both bags got sold in a blink of an eye.

These two bags success made Andrea and Sezin realize which was the path they needed to follow: leather artworks. Beside bags, they started crafting leather shoes and sandals; necklaces and small objects began to be less and less important.


Business Year


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Leather bags for motorcycles debut

In 2004 a couple of bikers ordered leather saddlebags for motorcycles, Andrea great love.

In 2005 a huge Harley Davidson Rally was organized in Paliano and Andrea decided to participate as exhibitor: bikers who participate at the event were impressed by the bags overall quality and began to purchase them. The number of orders that started arriving after the event pushed Andrea and Sezin to dedicate 100% of their skills to produce leather saddlebags for motorcycles.

In 2006 they opened the first Ends Cuoio shop in Paliano and hired the first Craftsman. The two were officially becoming business owners.

When passion for leather meets love for motorcycles.

Lavorazione del cuoio conciato al vegetale
Ends Cuoio storia di successo

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Satisfied Clients

The goal isn’t to live forever, the goal is to create something that will.

(Chuck Palahniuk)

Initially saddlebags were universal. At best, adaptable to different motorcycle models applying minor modifications.

With time, experience and better crafting techniques on their side, the two artisans started to tailor their saddlebag for specific motorcycle models.

A continuous study of models and material, along with quality, turned into Ends Cuoio main traits. Reputation that is even stronger today, thanks to teh company continues study and creation of innovative installation systems and accessories for the bags.

Company fame and orders grew along with its products quality.

Success did not come from nowhere: it was the reward for all the hard work and the investment on excellence, starting from the materials used for their products.

Ends Cuoio has always used vegetable tanned leather personally selected from the best tuscan tanneries.

Craftsmanship is another focal point: saddlebags are not the result of a good machinery work, Ends Cuoio products are 100% Made in Italy by highly skilled artisans.

Ends Cuoio today

2012 represents another milestone: the company moved from Paliano to Colleferro. The amount of orders grew so much that the little laboratory in Paliano was not the right fit anymore.

In 2013 Andrea and Sezin opened a company in Miami and in 2017 a new shop in Lecco. 2019 the increased amount of orders pushed Ends Cuoio to move again: the company is still in Colleferro but is now located in a bigger facility which granted a huge production growth.

This is our story. A brand established thanks to the dram of two kids, a brand that in a couple of years managed to become leader of the market thanks to the quality of its products

Our motto is Quality rides with you and thanks mindset we are now among the leading companies in Europe, we export all over the world and more than half of our production (60%) gets shipped to the USA in 48 hours top.
A tested, efficient system that is going to grow more.

We are among the top non-OEM Indian companies and our ambition is pushing us to invest in other segments with the Ends Cuoio Plus line; a collection of leather accessories (belts, purses, guitar straps wallets and more). It is a kind of return to the origins, when we used to attend fairs back at the beginning of the year 2000.

Ends Cuoio

Wi will never forget the hard work and the sacrifices that we have made to get where we are now.

We look at the future with an incredible drive to amaze with our innovations, reason for which we have never stopped experimenting.

Mater of fact, part of our success come to our ability to be ahead of our times.

As soon as a new motorcycle model comes out, we always are the first to study and create an innovative structure and installation system that will allow our customers to enhance their brand new motorcycle lines with the best motorcycle bags available on the market.

It is not just work, we do it because we love it. Today Ends Cuoio and Ends Cuoio Plus, tomorrow who knows.

Our best product is the one that is yet to come



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