Rétromobile Exhibit: Exploring Automotive Heritage

Rétromobile exhibit

Rétromobile Exhibit: Exploring Automotive Heritage

Every year, car and motorcycle enthusiasts and collectors from around the world gather in Paris to immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of automotive history at the Rétromobile exhibit. This renowned event has become a haven for vintage car aficionados, offering a captivating journey through time with a stunning display of classic vehicles, rare prototypes, and iconic vehicles that have shaped the automotive landscape. Let’s delve into the allure of Rétromobile and explore why it continues to be a must-visit for anyone passionate about automotive heritage.

A Glimpse into Rétromobile’s History:

Rétromobile, established in 1976, has evolved into one of the premier vintage car shows globally. Held annually at the Paris Expo Porte de Versailles, the exhibit spans several halls, providing an expansive showcase for a diverse array of automotive treasures. Its longevity and continued success can be attributed to its commitment to celebrating the heritage of four-wheeled and two-wheeled vehicles, making it a significant event in the automotive calendar.

Indian Motorcycle participating for the first time:

Indian Motorcycle is exhibiting at this year’s Rétromobile as the event reserves exhibition space for exceptional motorcycles for the first time in its 48th edition.

It is at the heart of this Rétromobile space, dedicated to motorcycles, that Indian Motorcycle will tell its story by presenting some of its emblematic models. A classic versions and a modern versions will be exhibited in mirror pairs allow visitors to discover and understand the entire heritage of Indian Motorcycle.

It is a passionate and great collector of the brand, Guy Baster who, by exhibiting some rare models from his museum (located in Riom in 63), allows this fantastic display.

You will discover the following four classic /modern duos:

  • A classc boardtracker and an FTR Carbon
  • A classic Chief and its reimagined modern version
  • A classic Scout and the current Scout, the brand’s best-seller
  • A classic 4-cylinder and the modern Pursuit

Romain Grabowski, Director of Rétromobile, describes the idea behind Indian Motorcycle participation like this:

“The team at Rétromobile all love collector’s vehicles, and that of course includes motorcycles which have also marked the history of locomotion. This passion is shared by at least 29% of our visitors who already own collectable motorcycles. The retrospective during our 47th edition dedicated to the centenary of the historic French motorcycle brand Dollar, widely acclaimed in 2023, convinced us to bring together two-wheel players within the same area and give them pride of place for future editions. As for the other aisles of the show, the two watchwords will be passion and conviviality,”  I do not know about you but, I am pretty thrilled about it.

Restoration Workshops and Masterclasses:

Rétromobile Exhibit  goes beyond being a static display of vehicles; it actively engages visitors with interactive workshops and masterclasses on automotive restoration. Renowned craftsmen and restoration experts share their insights, techniques, and passion for preserving automotive heritage. This aspect adds an educational dimension to the event, allowing attendees to gain a deeper appreciation for the craftsmanship and dedication required to breathe new life into classic cars.

Rétromobile Exhibit also hosts Marketplace and auctions:

For collectors seeking to expand their automotive portfolios, Rétromobile provides a unique marketplace. Vintage cars, spare parts, memorabilia, and rare accessories are available for purchase, creating a vibrant atmosphere for buyers and sellers to engage in the art of automotive acquisition. The event serves as a melting pot for collectors, fostering a sense of community and shared enthusiasm for the automotive past.

One of the highlights of the exhibit is the Salon Rétromobile Auction, where some of the most sought-after classic cars change hands. Collectors and enthusiasts gather to witness bidding wars over rare and historically significant vehicles, adding an element of excitement to the event. The auction not only facilitates the exchange of automotive treasures but also sets the stage for new chapters in the ongoing stories of these remarkable machines.

Our thoughts on the Rétromobile Exhibit:

Rétromobile stands as a testament to the enduring fascination with automotive heritage. Beyond being a mere exhibition, it is a living, breathing celebration of the evolution of automobiles and the craftsmanship that goes into preserving their legacy. Whether you are a seasoned collector, a casual enthusiast, or someone simply captivated by the beauty of classic cars, Rétromobile offers an unforgettable experience that bridges the past and the present in the world of vehicles. Tickets for the Rétromobile Exhibit can be found here: https://www.retromobile.com/en/box-office


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