Ends Cuoio products quality is the outcome of the enthusiasm that drives our ideas and work. Enthusiasm that leeds us to put in the extra effort necessary to deliver a product of absolute excellence to our fellow bikers.


Ends Cuoio products are made of 4mm thick vegetable-tanned leather that -on bigger saddlebags- can reach 5mm of thickness. Every metal part( buckles, rivets, etc) is made in nickel-plated brass, which does not oxidate and is meant to last in time.

Leather with a unique aging process

A peculiarity of vegetable-tanned leather is its natural aging; quality that allows our products to testimony – through the change of their color and essence – their naturalness and genuineness. Therefore our saddlebags and seats mutate depending on how the owner treats and lives them, making them the most personal accessory on his bike.


Our motorcycle saddlebags and seats are sewed with 1mm thick sewing thread, and present a back reinforced with iron, aluminum or polyethylene depending on the model. Our producs are meant to be used under any weather condition so, along with nickel-plated brass parts, every saddel bag has leather tabs to prevent water infiltration.