Small Tango Outlet

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Small Tango Outlet saddlebag designed for all Dyna ® models, mounts behind of the shock absorber to seat completely adherent to the fender, choose your at a discounted price.


Small Tango Outlet – Leather Saddlebag for all Dyna® models

Small Tango Outlet saddlebag Features:



This saddlebag is out because it has wrinkles that are more prominent than usual and/or marks due to handling and packaging, and expos (Please look at pictures in the image gallery).
This saddlebag has been double checked by quality control to make sure it meets Ends Cuoio quality and durability standards, therefore any defect does not compromise the product regular installation and use.

Any refund request due to marks, wrinkles or scars will not be accepted.
No accessories or modification can be added to this bag.

Small Tango, designed for all 2004-2017* Dyna® models. It mounts beside the shock absorber in order to seat completely adherent to the bike. Installation is easy: two leather belts are fastened to the fender cover, and secured with the supplied 1,5 cm (0.6 inches) spacer and bolt which replace the original rear fender cover bolt. No additional brackets or accessories are needed and no rear turn signal relocation is required. The bag back has a leather-covered iron plate to guarantee the proper strength under any circumstances. This bag can be easily installed even on bikes equipped with a permanent or a detachable sissybar, and on bikes equipped with side plate kit. On bikes equipped with detachable sissybar, the belt near the turn signal needs to be untightened in order to mount or unmount the sissybar.

Small Tango Outlet saddleabag Dimensions:

Bottom length: about cm 20 (7.9 inches)
Top lenght: about cm 29 (11.4 inches)
Height: about cm 23 (9.1 inches)
Width: about cm 10 (3.9 inches)

How to install it:


PDF installation guide:


Quality matters: main characteristic of our leather saddlebags.

*All our products are meant for motorcycles equipped with original parts; there might be installation problems on motorcycles equipped with different turn signals, side plate kit, suspensions and exhausts. For more information use the Contact panel.

Weight 3.5 kg

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