Roll Dresden - Leather bag for BMW® R 18® models

Roll Dresden leather saddlebag for R 18® models

Roll Dresden is a capacious leather saddlebag for either left or right side of BMW® R 18® models.

Latins used to say “nomen omen” which means: “faith is in the name“. This could not be more true. Roll Desdren is so Rock’n Roll: a milled leather saddlebag that can be rolled and folded in different ways and that can be magnetically closed at different size stages. A dream come terms of size: when fully expanded can hold up to two helmets. Raw materials add to this motorcycle saddlebag rock soul: premium vegetable tanned leather is resistant and beautifies over time. Rock’n Roll is not only a matter of guitars and music instruments: it is a matter of motorcycles saddlebags that roll up and down following the beat of an engine.

Specifically designed for the R 18 frame, Roll Dresden back panel is composed of a leather lined iron structure with a cut-out that allows for a tight to the fender installation. Roll Dresden is available for either left or right side can be ordered with a detachable system that allows to place it and remove it from the motorcycle with a simple gesture.

  • Handcrafted using 4 millimetres thick vegetable tanned leather.
  • Its back panel is composed of a leather lined iron structure that improves rigidity and guarantees a proper support even when the bag is fully loaded.
  • Roll Dresden innovative cut-out allows it to be installed as close as possible to the motorcycle fender.
  • We have structured Roll Dresden to be practical, versatile and easy to instal: it is supplied with the required installation hardware.
  • Installation does not require turn signal relocation.


R 18 2022
R 18 Classic 2022

ATTENTION! The detachable bracket requires a dedicated back-panel, therefore, IT IS NOT POSSIBLE to use a detachable bracket on bags manufactured to be installed with a fixed installation bracket.

Due to the labor required to handcraft a product, production time may vary from 10 to 15 days.

*All our products are meant for motorcycles equipped with original parts; there might be installation problems on motorcycles equipped with different turn signals, side plate kit, suspensions and exhausts. For more information use the Contact panel.