Quick Buckle

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Quick buckle: fit on all our single belt saddlebags to avoid rust and to guarantee durability!

Quick buckle for all Harley-Davidson®, Indian Motorcycle® and Triumph®saddlebags.

Quick buckle features:

Not sold by it self. This item is only purchasable as accessory to a bag. The quick opening pin is an accessory available for all our single belt saddlebags. Since all our bags are ment to be use under every weather condition, we chose to make this item in steel in order to avoid rust and to guarantee durability. We advice this article to improve the usability of your saddlebag.

How does it work the quick double buckle on saddlebags:

Quality matters: main characteristic of our products.

3 reviews for Quick Buckle

  1. Thomas

    Great, it is very easy and fast to open and close the bag

  2. Aleksandr Galin

    useful thing

  3. Stephan

    not necessary and doesn’t work with an empty bag
    I would not recommend the quick buckle. If the bag is empty it doesn’t work. Its much easier to open an close the bag via the leather strap

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