Pick Holder - Ends Cuoio Plus

Ends Cuoio Plus pick holder description

Ends Cuoio Plus guitar shaped Pick Holder and Keychain. Two products in one, here is Ends Cuoio Plus new Pick Holder and Keychain.

With a design inspired by the iconic Stratocaster, this product allows you to take your favorite picks wherever you go. Handcrafted using vegetable tanned leather certified by the best Tuscan tanneries, it has two rings (one for the keys and the other for the pick holder) and a snap-hook that allows it to be hooked to trousers. As all Ends Cuoio Plus products, this Pick Holder and Keychain is made keeping sustainability in mind: 100% natural leather which, thanks to vegetable tanning, contains no chrome. Water based glue and cardboard packaging. Choose Ends Cuoio Plus Pick Holder and Keychain and you will be always ready to unleash your Rock Soul!
NB. pick not included.

This Pick Holder is entirely hand made.
Every single piece is handmade, this process could enhance leather natural marks and wrinkles.
This makes every piece unique and not repeatable.

  • Vegetable tanned leather.
  • Cardboard design box, 100% sustainable
  • Entirely handcrafted
  • 100% Made in Italy

Due to the labor required to handcraft a product, production could take up to a maximum of 15 days