Naples - premium leather wallet by Ends Cuoio Plus

Ends Cuoio Plus Naples premium leather wallet description

Naples is the only biker wallet in the Ends Cuoio Plus line equipped with an accordion compartmet. Entirely handcrafted using certified vegetable tanned leather, Naples is an artisanal product 100% made in Italy.

It has a large coin pouch, 6 card slots, a compartment positioned behind the cards slots and 3 accordion compartments positioned behind the coin pouch. It is available in many different colors and it comes with a metal chain and a leather loop that allow Naples to be secured to a belt. Metal chain that can be easily removed or replaced with your favourite one, a trait that makes this wallet versatile also in terms of style: with no chain it can be used as a regular wallet with an unmached elegance and quality, and with the chain on it express all its potentials in terms of style and safety.

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Naples is entirely handmade.
Since every product is individually hand colored and buffed, shades cannot be equalle repeated on every piece.
This makes every Naples wallet a unique piece.

  • Vegetable tanned leather.
  • 6 card slots.
  • 3 accordion slots for bills.
  • Coin pouch.
  • Metal chain
  • Passante in cuoio.

Due to the labor required to handcraft a product, production could take up to a maximum of 15 days.