Belt Bag

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This Belt Bag is a premium Ends Cuoio Plus product handcrafted using vegetable tanned leather.


Belt Bag – Ends Cuoio Plus

Ends Cuoio Plus Belt Bag Description:

Premium vegetable tanned bull leather pouch. This Belt Bag, handcrafted by Ends Cuoio highly skilled artisans, is 100% Made in Italy.
It is equipped with two eyelets that allow to secure it to the belt, giving you the chance to wear it in your favorite position. Its compact dimensions make it comfortable to wear, while its milled leather allows for a decent loading capacity. This belt bag is to attend events, concerts, go for a walk or go for a ride: your keys, wallet, cellphone and belongings will not fill your pockets anymore. Going out has never been so comfortable, the only thing that will remind you of having your belt bag with you, will be the people stopping you to ask you where you got it from. Well, you know the answer.

Wear the excellence of the Made in Italy, wear Ends Cuoio Plus.


Height: approx 11 cm
Length: approx 18 cm
Depth: approx 3 cm
Eyelet height: approx 4 cm
Distance between the eyelets: approx 7 cm


Due to the labor required to handcraft a product, production time may vary from 10 to 15 days.

Quality matters: main characteristic of our leather saddlebags.

*All our products are meant for motorcycles equipped with original parts; there might be installation problems on motorcycles equipped with different turn signals, suspensions and exhausts.For more information use the Contact panel.


Weight 1 kg

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