New Ends Cuoio Shop in Colleferro

ends cuoio colleferro

New Ends Cuoio Shop in Colleferro

Hello Riders, how is everyone doing? I hope everything is well and that you are enjoying the riding season. What about us? We are good! Nothing to complain.
Today we are going to show you how the new Ends Cuoio shop in Colleferro is coming. A location change has been a necessity throughout 2018 and became a priority at the beginning of 2019. We needed a larger place in order to be able to handle the ever-growing amount of orders.

After being on the market for so long, I can state that we have finally become a leading company in the saddlebags market. We have improved our techniques, organised our activities and create new positions that allowed us to expand our family. Anyway, we would like to allow you to have a little peek of what is happening behind the curtains: A couple of parts of the wall are painted and others will be covered in wood, some shelves are already up but, are we sure they are going to be definitive? You might wanna come visit us and see. By the way, it is going to be located in Via Casilina km 51 snc, 00034 Colleferro RM.

New Ends Cuoio Shop: Stay Tuned!

new ends cuoio shop in colleferro

We are going to publish a new article when all works will be done. Obviously, any ideas on how to finish it are welcome. Any suggestions on how it should look?  See, I truly believe that suggestions coming from the people of know us best, and believe in us are the best ones. These suggestions are not cold ideas developed by someone who just wants to show off; are the heart-felted ideas that point you in the right direction and generate growth. Your support is always very much appreciated.

Ends Cuoio, the story of a dream

Unconditional love for motorcycle, an unmatched passion for high quality accessories, and an unmeasurable drive to be game changers. This is the mindset that gave birth to Ends Cuoio, a company that was founded in Paliano (Frosinone) at the beginning of the year 2000.The two founders, moved by passions for premium artisanry, decided to create a brand that could express all of Made in Italy design, elegance and style.

To better understand the line of  events that led to Ends Cuoio creation we need to go back to the year 2000. Andrea and Sezin, moved by an unmatched enthusiasm for craftsmanship, used to handcraft products to sell at fairs. At the beginning they used to produce necklaces, pendants, bracelets, and other wearable goods.

During these fairs they used to look at artisans working on leather goods. A love at first sight, sincere and deeply connected to field learning. Back in the days, in fact, technology was nowhere near what we are used to today: there were no internet pages or youtube tutorials to show how to do things… If you wanted to learn something you have to “live watch” other people working and then use the only resources available: intuition and willpower.

In 2004 the first orders for motorcycle bags started to arrive, Andrea could not believe its biggest passion was turning into is job. In 2005 Paliano was home of a big motorcycle Rally organized by Harley Davidson and Andrea decided to participate as expositor: that was a major turning point because bikers loved the products quality and started placing orders.

In the last couple of years we have taken giant steps. In 2013 we opened our business in Miami, in 2017 we opened a second Ends Cuoio shop in Italy (Lecco) and in 2019, due to a huge production growth, we have moved our laboratory from our small shop to a giant facility. What made all this possible is our ability to stay one step ahead of everyone else. As soon as a new model comes out, we start working on it right away in order to grant our fellow bikers the best product possible for their beloved motorcycles.

It is not about business, it is all about passion. Today Ends Cuoio and Ends Cuoio Plus, tomorrow:who knows? We love what we do and we are only certain about one thing: our best product is the product we haven’t already made. 

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