New 2020 Indian Motorcycle® models

2020 new indian models

New 2020 Indian Motorcycle® models

Rumors about brand new Indian Motorcycle models have been running around for a while now. Dealers and riders, thanks to a couple of leaks, are aware of the models that the Springfield based company will launch in 2020: Challenger 108 and Roadmaster. Let’s dive into all the news, details and info we have on these leaked and highly expected new models.

New Indian Challenger 108

It is real and it is confirmed: 2020 will be the year of the Challenger 108. This news was leaked directly from an Indian dealers meeting during the projection of the company planned models for 2020. Its beating heart will be the whole new Powerplus 108 engine, a liquid cooled 1.770 cc 60° V-Twin. It has the very same name used for Indian engines produced between 1916 and 1924; a nice touch from Indian that will definitely drive crazy everyone who is in love with the iconic brand history. I am exited already!  This engine,  designed by Victory in 2017, will be a water-cooled 60° V-Twin expected to produce 120 HP. The motor is not the only exiting thing about this project. Matter of fact, the Powerplus will be placed in a next generation aluminum frame that is said to be very different from what we are used to see (cannot wait to be able to test ride one!). Big news in the suspensions department as well: according to early reports, the front fork is supposed to be upside down. Challenger 108 will be a pure tourer with shapes in line with competitors that belong to the same category. It is no secret that its main sales rival will be Harley Davidson Road Glide.

Roadmaster 2019 Elite Limited Edition

We are not in front of a totally brand new model but the Roadmaster which, by the way, is one of the best tourer on the market, this year will make everyone fall in love with its 2019 version: Roadmaster Elite Limited Edition. What an incredible model: hand painted and finished with hand placed 24 karat gold leaves. Engine is the same as all other Roadmaster models: the reliable Thunder Stroke 111. 

thund Thunder Stroke 111: definitely does not need any introduction (credits by: Iron Trader News)

This version of the Roadmaster is equipped with a premium consolle that rocks the famous Power Band Audio Plus: 600 watt audio system with a dynamic equalizer; the volume auto-adjust it self while riding to guarantee the proper sound quality in every condition and at every speed. A 7 inches screen, compatible with gloves, gives access to the powerful Indian Motorcycle Ride Command, which provides gps, custom info and connects to your smartphone. Nice, isn’t it?We are not finished yet: Roadmaster also offers heated grips, remote lockable bags and an electric windshield.

FTR 1200

Word on the street is that Indian® is planning to turn its FTR 1200 into a “platform”, from which develop other models. The idea is to go out and conquer every motorcycle segment. In Indian® all departments are working hard not only to compete with Harley-Davidson in the custom market but, the whole idea is to go compete with brands like Honda, Yamaha and Ducati to mention a couple of them. More hot things will come up this month, if Indian® decides to unveil anything, at the end of Sturgis 2019 we will have a better idea of the brand plans for 2020. I am thrilled about what is yet to come and I definitely cannot wait to learn more about the models we have talked about in this article. I am also expecting a great “answer” from the competitors: I am sure that Harley Davidson, for example, will not just sit and watch.

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