Motorcycle saddlebags: a revolutionary leather is coming


Motorcycle saddlebags: a revolutionary leather is coming

At Ends Cuoio we are honored to serve all the bikers who rely on our motorcycle saddlebags, seats, and accessories every day.

In our laboratory, Ends Cuoio employees are united by a shared commitment to our values, which guide everything we do. As we innovate and operate to improve your experience on the road, each one of us takes personal accountability for living these values and leading the way forward for our teams, our customers, and our community.

Is with innovation, sustainability, and riding experience in mind, that we came out with our hi-t leather motorcycle saddelbags.

Motorcycle saddlebags resistance

Motorcycle saddlebags are a must have for every rider who uses a motorcycle for more than just five minutes. On a second though, even when using your motorcycle for a limited amount of time, a nice place to put your belongings is more than welcome. I do not know about you, but I like to have my pockets empty and I definitely do not like the feeling of backpacks on me. Freedom is what I like, not the feeling of something on me that moves when I ride.

The only problem – if we want to find one –  with motorcycle saddlebags is that, no matter if they are rigid or made of leather, they tend to get marks, and scratches. Do not get me wrong, I love the look of an aged leather bag that has been well kept, those are outstanding. However, sometimes things like a passenger scratching it with boots happen and you are left with a scratched bag. I know it happened to all of us at least once and it sucks.

What if I told you, it does not have to be like that anymore? Wouldn’t it be nice?

Oh well, brace yourself because motorcycle saddlebags capable of surviving this kind of abuse are about to be released. Our Hi-t leather bags will take a beat and come out as good as new.

Ends Cuoio Hi-t leather motorcycle saddlebags

Hi-t leather motorcycle saddlebags are the outcome of an incredible effort to satisfy our (we are bikers too) and our customers’ needs. The goal was to create a scratch resistant product, while keeping all the quality traits that made us famous all over the world.

We exclusively use vegetable tanned bull leather personally selected from the best Tuscan tanneries.

We  purchase our main raw material from these tanneries because they represent the absolute excellence on the vegetable tanned leather market. In fact, they belong to the Italian Genuine Tanned Leather Consortium, an association that regulates vegetable leather production and makes sure that rinascimental traditional techniques are followed during every tanning step.

Tanning, matter fo fact, has prehistoric origins and nowadays finds its most excellent expression in Tuscany. For centuries, tuscan master tanners have been using artisanal and traditional techniques that nowadays developed into a perfect mix of tradition and advanced technology.

Advanced technology that allowed master tanners to give us leather sheets with a print that provides an unprecedented resistance to scratches.

Our motorcycle saddlebags will now have an incredible resistance to accidental damages due to boots hitting them and stuff dropping on them.

It is not all. We do listen to our customers, and all bags made with this special leather will sport blacked out rivets and blacked out buckles.

A new era of leather motorcycle saddlebags is about to begin.

Are you ready for the revolution?

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