Motorcycle movies: a dive into the motorcycles that made movie history

Motorcyle movies

Motorcycle movies: a dive into the motorcycles that made movie history

As we explained in our previous article on the Motorcycles that made history on the movie screen, big screen producers are so attracted by motorcycles that it is plenty of motorcycle movies: over the years a lot of companies have invested on “on the road” movies and/or on motorcycle adventures.

Starting from the iconic Easy Rider to arrive to Wild Hogs passing through Harley-Davidson and the Marlboro Man, these are just some of the iconic movies that standout for the presence of motorcycle in them.

The protagonists of these movies usually have to overcome a great deal of trouble before being able to keep their road trip or reach their goal.

We have now a new list of movies for who is interested to learn more about biker movies.

Harley-Davidson and the Marlboro Man

In the cult 1991 movie, Harley-Davidson and the Marlboro man, Mickey Rourke and Don Johnson play the role of two friend that – riding their motorcycles – find themselves dragged into some fishy businesses and, in order to get out of them, they have to overcome different challenges.

Mickey Rourke in this movie rides a 1991 Harley-Davidson FXR S completely customized. The actor owned the motorcycle and, in order to make the stunt scenes, the production had an exact replica built. The motorcycles are exactly the same except for the motor, which was an S&S 80 ci. Instead of the 98ci. Installed on the model owned by Rourke.

As said before, everything else was exactly the same: double front calipers and rotors, FLT plus 6 inches front forks, 42 degrees of rake, drag bars, a back that was completely modified and the iconic paintjob with the card on the tank.

Wild Hogs

Another biker movie, more recent and lighter is Wild Hog. In this movie 4 middle aged friends decide to take a road trip. Unexpectedly they will have to deal with a nosy cop and a not so friendly motorcycle club they run into during their trip.

All four motorcycles are Harley-Davidson:

  • An XL1200C Sportster Custom for William H. Macy
  • A FXSTS Softail Springer for Martin Lawrence
  • A Black Softail Fatboy with a chrome front rim for Tim Allen
  • A Screaming Eagle Fatboy for John Travolta

Del Fuegos motorcycles are rather interesting, mostly because Orange County Choppers put its mind into it. That is why Paul Teutul Sr. and Paul Teutul Jr. appear in the movie at some point.

The world’s fastest Indian

The movie talks about Burt Munro, a gentleman from New Zealand that goes to Bonneville in Utah to beat the motorcycle world’s speed record with his Indian Scout. The protagonist motorcycle is a replica of Mr. Munro’ Scout.  Munrop’s motorcycle was the number 627 to be produced by the Hendee Manufacturing Company and was equipped with the engine. The heavily modified version that he took to Bonneville in 1963 was equipped with a 850cc engine and, In 1966, when Munro went back to Bonneville, his scout had a 920cc engine. You gotta watch the movie to see if he manages to break the record or not.

Road to Paloma

The movie is about Robert Wolf, a Native American that runs from FBI after killing the person who raped his mother to death. During his run he finds a friend with whom he shares incredible adventures throughout central America. Wolf’s motorcycle, really is Momoa’s motorcycle. He purchased it when he was 19 years old and had it modified for the movie. It is a 1959 panhead now equipped with a Buik tail light, a vintage cop light on the front, interna throttle, custom tank, Jockey tapes grips, open primary, open drivebelt, suicide shift, no front brake, rear drum brake and the seat is from an old piece of leather Momoa owned. Definitely an interesting customization that perfectly portraits the main character’s personality.

After this roundup of motorcycles in the movies, we hope to have provided you with a thorough “on the road” study and appeased your cinematic curiosities.

Stay tuned as there may be a third deepening coming soon.


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