Motorcycle Itinerary in Lombardia: Gardesana & Strada della Forra

motorcycle itinerary gardesana

Motorcycle Itinerary in Lombardia: Gardesana & Strada della Forra

A handful of kilometers away from Lecco it is possible to ride an historical itinerary full of breathtaking sights. Discover this scenic motorcycle itinerary in Lombardia. Considering Sirmione as starting and returning point, we can estimate a total route length of about 172 kilometers (106.9 miles) to travel along lake Garda Lombard shore. The route includes locations such as Desenzano, Gardone, Limone and Riva del Garda. On our way back a real gem: La Strada della Forra!

  • Sirmione / Riva del Garda: 79 km ( 49 miles)
  • Riva del Garda / Limone: 11 km (6.8 miles)
  • Limone / Vesio: 7 km (7.3 miles)
  • Vesio / Pieve: 6 km (3.7 miles)
  • Pieve / Porto di Tremosine: 6 km (3.7 miles)
  • Porto di Tremosine / Sirmione: 63 km (39.2)

Motorcycle Itinerary in Lombardia: let’s start from Gardesana

Western Gardesana is a road that runs along Lake Garda Lombard shore. From Sirmione on, some of the most charming villages of Garda are connected by a hill road that runs in between olive trees, vines and cypresses; a tongue of asphalt that suddenly changes to turn into a fascinating coastal road that slides beside the lake along limestone mountains. We come from Lecco, so our itinerary starts at the Sirmione toll booth; exiting the junction, turn right towards Sirmione.

Riding across the strip of land that connects Sirmione to the mainland is already possible to sight a vast view of the lake. This Gardesana bit is surrounded by olive trees and cypresses all the bendy way down to Salò. We then head towards Maderno passing through Gardone, a charming village that overlooks the lake.

Kilometers pleasantly pass by riding along this road submerged in the beautiful views that the shore on one side and Mount Baldo on the other can provide. We are now at the gates of the most evocative stretch: the road is very close to the shore, alternating stretches at water levels with higher stretches that pass through tunnels that pierce the mountains modeling scenarios of striking beauty . We cross Gargnano, Campione del Garda and reach Limone. Our trip continues on a road that rides right between steep walls of light rock and the lake before finally ending in Riva del Garda.

campione del garda, ends cuoio motorcycle itinerary

The way back: Tremosine and Strada della Forra

Tremosine is a municipality that overlooks Lake Garda and connects to Gardesana through a road that climbs from Limone to Pieve. The Strada della Forra is considered one of the most beautiful roads in the world. Sir. Winston Churchill defined it as “the eighth world wonder”. The best way to ride La Strada della Forra is slowly while enjoying the view, surrounded by the valley vegetation while embracing its small characteristic villages atmosphere.

Leaving Riva del Garda, our route descends towards Limone and takes a right turn to Tremosine. Once in Vesio, our trip continues towards Pieve, which is the starting point of our scenic route. The Strada della Forra is a narrow, beautiful, road which enters the mountain along the deep rift carved by the Brasa creek stream.

Rocks and landscape views make this evocative route fascinating. It is a road that quickly descends towards the lake to return in Porto di Tremosine, on the Gardesana state road. From Porto di Tremosine to Sirmione we are back on the Gardesana for 63 kilometres. The best ending to an amazing road trip.

Isn’t this itinerary tempting? Of course it is! Whenever you decide to ride it, come pay us a visit at our shop in Lecco (Galbiate).

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