Motorcycle Clubs: learn the basics about motorcycle groups

Motorcycle Clubs

Motorcycle Clubs: learn the basics about motorcycle groups

Tarmac, engines and adrenaline rock every biker’s world, a universe that over the years became a creed, a life style.

How to increase the sense of belonging to this overwhelming universe?

They figured it out back in the days when, after World War 2, people started to really dig motorcycles – mainly Harley-Davidson or choppers – and decided to gather in Motorcycle Clubs.

Motorcycle Rallies and Custom Motorcycles are among the fundamentals of a motorcycle club: every group has its own logo and its own vest.

Would you like to become part of one of the many motorcycle clubs but you do not know where to start?

In this article you will find the very basics about motorcycle clubs: fundamental values, chapters and events.

Motorcycle Clubs: Indian and Harley-Davidson

Honor, respect, and brotherhood are the fundamental values of Motorcycle Clubs: among the most iconic groups there is the recently renewed Indian Motorcycle Riders Group which was founded with the main goal of creating an inclusive community in which bikers can share unforgettable experiences: a family capable of creating something extraordinary.

Every Indian Motorcycle owner can rely on the IMRG for things like gatherings, events and group rides: it spaces from racing venues to meetings, dinners and road adventures. Plus, Indian Motorcycle Riders Group is involved in many charity events.

I am sure that you are now wondering about how to become a member.

Not a problem! It is pretty easy. Every Indian Motorcycle owner can register online or in person going to its local dealer.

Another group that made history is the Harley Davidson Owners Group: chapters and events are the main focus of this group.

Incredible adventures, rallies and competitions await you:  These are only a few of the main focuses of the HOG, what’s really great about it is the fact that every member is free to put new and creative ideas on the plate.

Pretty cool uh? It is possible to join the HOG directly from the site or going to your local dealer.

Chapter and events

Motorcycle Clubs have chapters that organize events in their area; participating is rather simple: you enroll and go to events.

Indian motorcycle and Harley-Davidson Chapters usually organize small rallies, events, charity runs etc: once you are part of a Chapter, you will have a lot of opportunities to gather around and build unforgettable memories with new friends.

Today there are more than 1400 H.O.G Chapters around the globe, each and every one of them supported by a local Harley-Davidson dealer.

Among the main Harley-Davidson events for 2022 we can find:

  • Sturgis, the 82° edition of the event will take place South Dakota from Agust the 5th and August the 12th.
  • Hometown Rally in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, which will take place the Labor day weekend, from September the 1st and September the 5th.
  • European Bike Week will gather bikers from all over the world near the Faak Lake in Austria from September the 6th to September the 11th.

With this article we have given you a rough idea of what Motorcycle Clubs are: basically a second family with which share exciting experience while riding around on your motorcycle.

You like the whole idea of motorcycle clubs and how they are structure but you are not really talkative?

Don’t worry, the mood will warm you up and encourage you to become more and more part of the fun. Plus, patches can tell a lot of things, years of membership, events you participate to etc. They basically tell your story for you!

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