Motorcycle brands producing electric motorcycles: the best ones


Motorcycle brands producing electric motorcycles: the best ones

The motorcycle brands that produce electric motorcycle are rapidly multiplying.
Therefore, we decided it was about time to write something about the options available for us bikers in the electric world. Obviously, everyone has different tastes. Therefore, we did a bit of research and found a couple of e-bikes that can make everyone happy.
Let’s see them together.

Motorcycle brands-Energica Experia: best touring

Out of all motorcycle brands, Energica produces the best touring e-motorcycle: the Experia.
When thinking about electric motorcycles, it is very easy to think that going on road trips would be a no-no thing to do. Until now.
Energica, with its Experia, has done something that others were not able to do. The Experia has the longest claimed range of any production motorcycle on the market, with up to 261 miles (420 km) of city driving on one charge.

I know what you are thinking: city riding is not touring. And you are right! At highway speeds, the range is limited to 130 miles (209 km), which is great. It gives you a couple hrs of riding before having to stop for a fast charge (should take about 40 mins with the fastest charging option).

For the range, the handling, and the look, in our opinion, the Experia is the best electric touring motorcycle on the market.

Lightning LS-218: Fastest electric motorbike

Two motorcycle brands are competing for this crown, however one of them is not producing road legal e-motorcycles, so the crown for fastest bike goes to Lightning LS-218.

The Voxan Wattman is technically the fastest motorcycle but, as mentioned before, it is not approved for street use. On the other hand, the Lightning LS-218 can freely ride down the road at 218 mph or more.

The price range is roughly the same as what petrol engine powered competitors ask for fast motorcycles. Its incredible design brings out the best in sports bike styling, while the range, acceleration, and top speed are all at the top of the game.

Motorcycle brands-Evoke 6061: Fastest charge electric motorbike ever produced by any motorcycle brand

Battery powered vehicles have one serious disadvantage: recharging time after running out of juice.

This is not the case of the Evoke 6061 which, by using a 336-volt battery pack, can recharge up to 80% in 15 minutes. That is exactly the length of the stops I am used to rat the moment: I shake off any road fatigue, drink something, and hop back on.

Its minimal design is incredible with the frame taking the spotlight even if it is not that wonderful to look at. Anyway, what is really incredible about this motorcycle is its engine: 160 horsepower that take you from 0 to 62mph in just 2.6 second. Absolutely brilliant.

Livewire S2 Del Mar: Best electric street bike for tech lovers

Harley Davidson’s image doesn not blend well with the whole electric motorcycle world. So, in Milwaukee, they decided to come up with an EV motorcycle group: Livewire, which exists to show Harley riders that electric motorbikes are the way of the future. The original Live Wire is now called “One” and was subjected to a nice price drop (if you are interested you should give it a look) and the S2 Del Mar is rapidly grabbing the spotlight.

This “two motorcycle brands in one” is paying off: at first glance, it is exactly what everyone would expect from a modern Harley Davidson. It is robust, has the fins as only indicators of its electric nature and it looks and feel premium.

This motorcycle shows all LiveWire acquired experience in this filed: it is a more nimble, lighter, and less expensive version of the Livewire ONE, yet it still has all the power and fun that you want.


These, in our opinion, are the best electric motorcycles available at the moment. The others are just not there yet. To not see Indian Motorcycle among these other motorcycle brands is a bit upsetting. For now, they are producing the E-FTR line for kids and the Hooligan which is a bicycle. I really hope to see them do something in the near future. What about you?

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