Moto.App: A Safety App For Bikers

Moto.App: A Safety App For Bikers

Moto.App: A Safety App For Bikers

MOTO.APP  saw the light on Tuesday July the 17th at Confindustria ANCMA Milan office. This represents an enormous achievement because it is the first time that in Italy bikers have an app for motorcycle safety that allows them to record journeys, monitor driving style, analyze and share info and data with other motorcycle enthusiasts.

MOTO.APP: safety first

Andrea Dell’Orto, during the conference organized to lunch the app and explain its features to the world, stated that safety is one of his association’s priorities; a central theme to carry on in their institutional activity, in the requests to the legislators and in the numerous communication campaigns. Let’s see how it actually works. After downloading and signing-in the app, bikers find themself in front of a welcome panel with two fields to fill out: their vehicle’s plate and their date of birth. foto

The app is divided into three levels of use that allow bikers to access an increasing number of options for routes control, driving style definition and motorcycle monitoring.

Starter level: immediately allows bikers to download the app, register their profile and their motorcycles. At this level, the app records routes through the phone GPS: just press start to start the user experience and receive information on the taken route.

Explorer level: medium level, allows bikers to record their routes automatically through a small device (dongle), directly connected to the motorcycle, that communicates with the app via Bluetooth providing more detailed statistics.

Adventure level: app premium level. Through the installation of MOTO.BOX or any black box allows bikers to keep track of motorcycle position and condition. At this level it is also possible to activate an additional security function, which allows bikers to receive an alert via sms and e-mail in case of low or detached battery. It basically does something very similar to the latest technology introduced by manufacturers on their brand new motorcycles.

#bastabuche campaign

Confindustria ANCMA, with the hashtag #bastabuche, has also launched today a campaign to raise awareness among bikers and institutions on the risk of accidents caused by road irregularities.

MOTO.APP bikers community will help identify and map irregularities throughout the country. Community logic is one of the app central elements. Among functions, in the app next releases, it will be possible to create, for example, personalized virtual biker clubs, where among other opportunities bikers can meet and discuss progress made in safety.

Ends Cuoio and Safety

Safety is has always been very important for us. Our designers and project managers do their very best everyday to allow Ends Cuoio to make the difference in terms of riders safety on the road. Our large bags back panels along with our – fixed and detachable – installation systems represent the ultimate safety technology available on motorcycles: tailored with cut outs specifically designed for each and every motorcycle models on our catalog, our large saddlebags do not require any unreliable tubular frames and are secured thanks to solid bolts.

Every material is meant to last and to withstand every climate condition. Premium vegetable tanned leather is sewed together using EN ISO 9001 certified yarns, a certification that is synonym of amazing mechanical qualities: high resistance to traction, high resistance to abrasion, high knot resistance, and low liquid absorption. Who rides for miles every year also knows how bad is the impact of rain on any motorcycle accessory: being bikers ourselves we know that very well; that is why all our exposed metal parts are made in nickel-plated brass, material that is not affected to rust or any other form of oxidation.

We, people that spend most of their free time on the road, know how important every single step toward a safer way to live our passion is. Therefore, we are so very well to spread the word about initiatives like MOTO.APP

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