Little Boogie Saddlebag

Little Boogie Saddlebag

Little Boogie Saddlebag

Little Boogie is a large leather saddlebag specifically designed for Harley Davidson Sportster models. It is the ideal choice for bikers who need a good loading capacity for their road trips or for who likes to have a lot of space always at disposal.

Little Boogie saddlebag: resistance and versatility

Little Boogie was designed keeping in mind every biker needs. This is why, in our catalog, we have two version of it: a regular one and a detachable one (Rapid).  The regular version of this bag is secured to the motorcycle thanks to two bolts that are provided in the box and that substitute the original suspension and fender bolts. The Rapid version has an innovative detachable system that allows riders to place the bag on the motorcycle and remove it from the motorcycle in a couple of seconds. The installation is even simpler than the one required to install the regular Little Boogie: two bolts with (with their own bushings) substitute the original suspension and fender bolts. All bikers are required to do is to slide the bag on those bushing and close the lock located on Little Boogie Rapid back panel. The great thing about this two versions of the same bag is that they are both fully compatible with Sportster model equipped with a Harley Davidson genuine sissy bar or genuine rack.

The detachable system is not the only innovative solution adopted on this bags. Little Boogie and Little Boogie Rapid back panels are tailored on Harley Davidson Sportster models produced from 2003 until today. That means that the suspension cut out and all the spaces are specific to Sportster models only. This leather lined iron structure has two important jobs: one is to provide the strength necessary the right support in every condition, the other – thanks to the cut out – is to allow our rapid saddlebags to lay at 3cm from the fender and the regular saddlebags to lay at only 1cm from the fender.

A nice feature that can be added to all our Little Boogie saddlebags, ad is already installed on all Rapid Bags, is represented by Quick Buckles. It is Our quick buckles are made by two stainless steel spring loaded systems that allow users to open and close their saddlebags in a blink of an eye.

Little Boogie saddlebag - mountain sportster

Quality first, always

Little Boogie and Little Boogie Rapid are hand crafted in our laboratory using the best Tuscan 4mm thick vegetable tanned leather. We get our leather from tanneries that belong to the Genuine Italian Vegetable Tanned Consortium; an association that supervises vegetable tanned leather genuinity making sure that every associate’s production line follows the guidelines of the master tanneries tradition.  Their passion for what they do in tangible: “Vegetable tanned leather absorbs the traces of our life, matures, changes color under the sun; it reveals the signs of time and makes them the most personal expression of naturalness and truth.” Biker world is not only made of customizations, it is also made of memories that will always be part of us. Therefore, choosing a kind of leather able to tell the story of each and every road trip it’s been through seemed the right fit for a product that is meant to go on countless adventures.

Leather is not the only important part of a leather saddlebag, seams play a key role in keeping any leather product from falling apart. That is why we opted for the best yarns on the market. Little Boogie and Little Boogie Rapid are sewed using polyester yarns of different colors made according to EN ISO 9001 certified quality criteria. These certified yarns have high mechanic qualities: high resistance to traction, high resistance to abrasion, high knot resistance, and low liquid absorption. The best choice for products meant to ride for miles also under adverse weather conditions.

Little Boogie is a premium saddlebag capable of a great loading capacity and an unmatched durability. Visit our store to get yours!

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