Indian® Scout® 100th Anniversary | Pictures & Specs

Indian® Scout® 100th Anniversary | Pictures & Specs

Indian® Scout® 100th Anniversary | Pictures & Specs

2020 keeps covering us in surprises of any kind and Indian® is definitely showing off! Two brand new versions of the Springfield based company best selling motorcycle are expected for 2020: Indian® Scout® 100th Anniversary Limited Edition and Indian® Bobber Twenty. If we think about it, it is more than legitimate: Indian® is getting ready to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Scout® models in 2020. Let’s check on some pictures and go over the specs of the brand new Indian Bobber Twenty and Indian Scout 100th Anniversary Limited Edition.

Indian Scout 100th anniversary

The name tells everything: it is a numbered limited edition, Indian® plans are to only produce 750 units of this model. Indian® Scout® Anniversary with its dark red polish and gold trims, paired with chromed exhausts and sinuous lines, is definitely a tribute to the iconic 1919 Scout.

Scout Bobber Twenty

Indian® is on fire! The new Scout® Bobber Twenty is a jump in the past: aggressive look that pays an homage to the 1920 Scout®. This motorcycle style refers to old school Bobbers, but with modern lines. Details like the seat, the chrome & dark finish, combined with the 20″ ape hanger have a huge role in this motorcycle aggressive style. This Scout® Bobber will be produced in 3 colors: Thunder Black, Sagebrush Smoke, Burnished Metallic

Indian Scout Bobber Twenty: un mito, un amore infinito (crediti di: All Out Cycles

Indian® Scout® line updates for 2020 are not over yet.
All 202 Scout® models will rock new brakes, a keyless system and will come out with Pirelli MT60RS Tyres.

There will also be new colors:

Scout Sixty®: Thunder Black, Burgundy Metallic and Pearl White over Titanium Metallic

Indian Scout®: Thunder Black, White Smoke, Deepwater Metallic, Metallic Jade over Thunder Black and Indian Motorcycle Red over Ivory Cream con Gold Pinstripe

Indian Scout Bobber®: Thunder Black, Thunder Black Smoke, Deepwater Metallica, Bronze Smoke e White Smoke

Indian® will also introduce accessories like: detachable parts, rigid saddlebags, pegs, grips and more… Aren’t you excited? I am!

We talked about all the new shiny upgrades Indian® has in mind. Everything super cool but, now it’s time to talk business. We do not know how much the new models will cost and, unfortunately, markets differ from country to country. Therefore, you are on your own for this one. I am sure that, paying a visit to a local dealer, the guys inside will be more than happy to share some secret with you.

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