Indian Motorcycle: Scout Bobber Sixty debut

INDIAN MOTORCYCLE: Scout Bobber Sixty debut

Indian Motorcycle: Scout Bobber Sixty debut

Spring comes with great news for Indian Motorcycle® enthusiasts: here comes the brand new Scout® Bobber Sixty, model of which name is clearly insired by its 61 cubic inches engine. It is the latest motorcycle model released by the Spirit Lake Company. Presented to the United States public on march the 5th, this brand new model is already loved all over the world not only for its specs but also for its super light price. Let’s start by saying that the new 2020 Scout Bobber Sixty is meant to be a lighter and less pricey version of the most famous Scout Bobber. This makes it the most accessible Scout model ever made so far.

Scout Bobber Sixty: a real beauty

This brand new Scout Bobber engine, a 61 cu in (1000cc) V-Twin, is the same engine installed on the regular Bobber but with a smaller bore. It produces 78HP and 65 in-lb (88nm) and rocks liquid cooling. Except the 5 gears transmission, this model has all the perks its bigger sister has: aluminum frame, cut tail, 16” wheels and a sporty but comfy riding position. What makes this new Bobber even more magnetic is its thunder black color, which makes it an incredible base for custom projects.

Light and minimal, the new Scout Bobber Sixty, has a 3.3 gal tank and a weight of 548 lbs. In conclusion, this motorcycle shares the soul of the “regular” Scout Bobber for a more accessible price. 8999$ instead of 10999$ seams a very good deal. To make this model even more special, Ends Cuoio Centro Stile suggests these bags: Tomahawk, Paco, and Smart Bag.

Indian Motorcycle®, a legendary company

Indian Motorcycle History is well known by all of us: born in 1901 is forced to close in 1953, then gets revamped in 2004 under the name of Indian Motorcycle Company. With its 119 years of history, during which it made a lot of motorcycle enthusiasts’ dreams come true, the Spirit Lake Company is the oldest American motorcycle company. Ends Cuoio already has three tailored leather saddlebags that fit perfectly on all Scout Bobber models. Installation is something exceptional, no need to relocate the turn signals or to install bulky bags frames, our bag will fit on your motorcycle like they were born together. Plus, every saddlebag is handcrafted in Italy using certified vegetable tanned leather.

Till leather do us apart

All our leather bags are handcrafted using 100% Made in Italy vegetable tanned leather that is certified by the Genuine Italian Vegetable Tanned Leather Consortium, an institution that guarantees, with complete transparency, that leather origins and production cycle complies with the Tuscan Tanneries traditions. Vegetable tanning not only is 100% sustainable (for the tanning process, tanneries use tannins that directly come from trees) but also gives back a kind of leather that naturally ages depending on how it gets used and taken care of. In order to guarantee incredible quality and durability, all our bags are made using 4mm think leather sheets that, on some bags, can reach a maximum of 5mm.

Choices like this allow us to put on the market a product of absolute quality. That is why leather is not the only premium material used to handcraft our products: our sewing thread is ISO9001 certified and, depending on the model, all our bags have polyethylene, aluminum or iron reinforcements to guarabntee original shape retention over time.  We will never cut margins on raw material quality because – as bikers our selves – our intention is to provide bikers with leather bags, seats and accessories that will last more than a season. We create travelling companions!

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