Indian Motorcycle Racing ruled competitions, AGAIN.

indian motorcycle racing

Indian Motorcycle Racing ruled competitions, AGAIN.

Indian Motorcycle Racing great team work and dedication got them two titles this year so far: Tyler O’Hara SHNC and Jared Mees Flat Track crown. Let’s dive into their achievements.

Tyler O’Hara

It was a battle between brothers – riding an S&S-built Indian FTR Hooligan – the one that led to O’Hara’s second-consecutive Moto America Super Hooligan National Championship. Both arriving at the last round of  Moto America’s Mission Super Hooligan National Championship (SHNC) with a total of 106 points, Indian Motorcycle Racing’s Tyler O’Hara and Jeremy McWilliams endured bar-to-bar action, each pushing to the bitter end to earn the opportunity to hoist the No. 1 plate and win the 2023 SHNC title.

For the second consecutive season,  O’Hara took both rounds at COTA, and won five of the season’s eight races aboard his Mission® Foods S&S® Indian FTR. After the victory O’Hara spent nice words for his team, showing the great respect and union that there is inside the team:

“Hats off to my entire S&S-Indian Motorcycle team, as the guys worked hard all season to keep this Indian FTR dialed in for me. This FTR is an incredible machine. Power, handling, maneuverability – it’s been the highest-performing bike in the class all season, and we’re extremely proud to walk away with another title this season.”

The SHNC final round at COTA was a total blast! Both O’Hara and McWilliams pushed hard and created an epic battle, overtaking each other multiple times: Race 1 at COTA ended with McWilliams high-siding in the final turn of the final lap; thankfully he was unharmed and was able to compete in Race 2 on Sunday. But O’Hara was simply on a mission and captured the final win of the season.
Tyler O’Hara and Jeremy McWilliams have a special relationship that Gary Gray -Vice President Racing, Service and Technology for Indian Motorcycle – describes like this:

“The relationship between Tyler and Jeremy is truly special – they both thrive off each other’s expertise and experience, and both have an ‘anything it takes’ drive to win once aboard their FTR. When you have a team as committed as our S&S crew, paired with the riders we have, you push every second of every day to win a championship. We’re excited to have reached our goal and look forward to running the No. 1 plate again on Tyler’s FTR next season.”

Jared Mees

Mees Takes First & Second at Springfield Mile Doubleheader and wins Ninth Career Grand National Championship.

Mees had the dream of tying Scottie Parker’s historic all-time championship record of nine Career National championships. With a podium streak of 13 races, this year, Daniels represented a tough opponent. Mees reminded everyone that he is still at the top of his game winning six of eight races between the Senoia Short Track and the Orange County Half-Mile, and securing a 14-race podium streak starting at the Dallas Half-Mile until the season’s finale at Springfield Mile II. Mees finished the season with nine wins. Mees victory is also very special because it marks a historic seven-consecutive AFT SuperTwins championships for Indian Motorcycle Racing and the FTR750. Mees descibes it like this:

 “It’s what you wake up for every day. It’s what you train for. Hats off to Scottie Parker – that’s the guy that keeps me going. He kept me going year after year, race after race. He’s still the best in my book, and it’s an honor to match something that he did.”

This year’s championship markes Mees’ fifth aboard the FTR750 – winning titles in 2017, 2018, 2021, 2022 and 2023. Briar Bauman owns the FTR750’s other titles, winning in 2019 and 2020 as a member of the Indian Wrecking Crew. Gary Gray expresses all its happyness like this:

“Since our return to professional flat track racing in 2017, there has been no greater pairing in the sport than Jared Mees and the Indian FTR750. There’s no questioning Jared’s drive and dedication, as he’s truly one of the hardest working athletes in the paddock but jumping on an FTR750 proved to be a major unlock in his career, as he’s captured five of his nine career titles aboard that bike.”

Indian Motorcycle Racing 2023

This year there will not be a consecutive triplet but Indian Motorcycle Racing can be satisfied about its 2023. Two Championships won battling and keeping things entertaining for the crowd ’till the very last race of the season. Definitely an outstanding result.


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