Indian Motorcycle logo: from its origin ‘til today

Indian Motorcycle logo: from its origin ‘til today

Last week we took a dive into the Harley-Davidson logo and talked about its history and eveolution over time. This week it is time to do the same thing with Indian Motorcycle logo.

It is rather impossible to identify the number of Indian Motorcycle enthusiasts: the brand counts a huge number of riders around the globe and an infinite number of flowers that keep themselves informed and up to date with the company news.

It is interesting that, among all the info is possible to find almost nothing about the Indian Motorcycle logo.

In this article we will try to go over the logo evolution starting from the origins.

Indian Motorcycle logo: everything started in 1901

The first Indian Motorcycle logo saw the light right after the company was launched in 1901 and was exclusively made of words, colored in Bordeaux and written cursive with bold borders and underlining.

Inizialmente il primissimo Indian Motorcycle logo era composto da un marchio denominativo di colore bordeaux con l’esclusivo carattere tipografico corsivo con linee in grassetto e sottolineature continue.

After a while Indian changed it changing the lettering from a flat to a diagonal position and adding the figure of a Native American man. This version did not last long and the company went back to just lettering. The font is still used today and is called Indian AZ font.

After a bit the company resumed the Native American figure, this time in the form of a fierce man with a warbonnet and the lettering “Indian Motorcycle” placed under the feathers.

That logo is the very same logo that the company is still using nowadays. Of course, the palette changed multiple times over the years and the details on the logo got better, but the concept is the same.

The cool part is that Indian used different logos for their motorcycles, so it is possible to see them all on the takns of historic Indian Motorcycle models.

In 2013, with Polaris taking over the company, Indian released a special version of the logo for the Sturgis Rally. The Headdress was places inside a circle with the wordings “Sturgis Motorcycle Rally 2013” on top, and “A new era begins” in the bottom.

Indian also has two round logos:

  • One that includes a close-up of the Headdress and the wordings “Indian Motorcycle” and “1901”
  • One that have “Indian” at the center, and the wordings “Motorcycle company” at the top and “Since 1901” at the bottom

A special mention needs to go to the Rider Group logos that resemble the circular Indian motorcycle logo with the Headdress:

  • One is exactly identical but rocks the wording “Riders” instead of the company year “1901”
  • One is similar to the but has “Riders” and “Group” written on the left and right side of the close-up of the Headdress.

That’s all about the Indian Motorcycle logo, they’ve been very consistent during the years.

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