Indian Motorcycle Forged

Indian Motorcycle Forged

Indian Motorcycle Forged

Indian Motorcycle Forged series has just been released (2 weeks ago) and 2 models out of 3 have already been released.
Let’s see together what this series is about and the specs of the builds presented until today.

What is the show about?

The concept of this series is pretty simple: it shows some of the best builders in the industry taking on the factory-built Sport Chief and turning it into the baddest custom cruisers from coast to coast. FMX icon Carey Hart is the host (and third builder – cannot wait to see his creation) takes you behind the scenes of each build from concept to creation, showing what is like to bring incredible designs to life.

1st Indian Motorcycle Forged project

The first custom Indian Sport Chief was made by Powerplant for Norman Reedus – The Walking Dead star and hard core motorcycle rider –  and features a range of unique modifications specifically designed for Norman. Powerplant repositioned the rear shock mounts and relocated the swingarm mounts in order to achieve a sleeker and more streamlined look. Plus, the tank was lifted and narrowed; a custom-made rear fender fits a narrower seven-spoke Morris Mag replica wheels, and custom eight-inch risers complement the Sport Chief’s four-inch round touchscreen display – which, of course, is powered by RIDE COMMAND and carries all the features available with the original motorcycle. Here is a list of all parts used for the build:

  • Repositioned the rear shock mounts and relocated swingarm mounts to reduce the rear section’s width.
  • Narrowed and lifted the fuel tank, outfitted it and the side covers with 3-inch louvers, and custom-made a fender inspired by old-school Indian style to fit the narrower wheels.
  • Modified seven-spoke Morris Mag replica wheels to fit Indian Motorcycle axles, brakes, rotors, sensors, and bearings. Lyndall Brakes made matching chrome rotors and a sprocket to complement the wheels.
  • Narrowed down the front fork system to accommodate an 11.5-inch rotor instead of a 13-inch rotor, due to the narrow wheel used.
  • Designed custom 8-inch risers to imitate the Indian Motorcycle display gauge engagement system and created handlebars that were narrow with lots of pull back to suit the bike’s needs.
  • Fabricated a one-off stainless steel exhaust pipe with a RedThunder cone from the bike’s Italian partners.
  • Crafted a fully custom cobra-style gunslinger seat with a stainless steel seat pan and upholstered it.
  • Applied a custom paint job with a mix of root beer colors that was darkened to fit the Indian Motorcycle style.
  • Paint and bodywork were done by Walt at WW Cycles, while Pacman added custom pinstripes.
  • All work conducted in-house except for the bodywork and chrome/powder coating, which were done by Garett GAS Powder in Simi Valley

Here you can find the two episodes of the Indian Motorcycle Forged that have this build as protagonist:

Without a doubt, an incredible customization.

2nd Indian Motorcycle Forged projects

The second custom Sport Chief was made by Jake Cutler from Barnstorm Cycles for highly decorated MMA fighter, T.J. Dillashaw.

To achieve a locked-in riding position, Cutler narrowed the tank and added knee cutouts. This allowed T.J. to tuck into the motorcycle for a more comfortable and secure riding position. Speaking of which, the seat is made using custom upholstery with gripper fabric, and the handlebars are raised two inches with a slight pull back, while the front end was lifted an inch. The high-finish paint was completed by Blue Moon Kustoms in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, which also made colour-matched wheels…AMAZING!

Cutler describes the build like this: “The end result of the bike is pretty much how I mapped it out, the colours are where I wanted them to be, the design is what I was hoping it would be.”

  • Could we miss out on the parts list? Absolutely not! Here it is:
  • Beringer Brake Master and Clutch Cable Control
  • Barnstorm Hand Control Transition adapters
  • Barnett +2″ Clutch and Brake Cables
  • Barnstorm “Lane Splitter” +2″ Pullback Handlebar Risers for Chief Models
  • Indian Motorcycle Stock Sport Chief Moto style Handlebars
  • Joker Machine Left Side Bar end Mirror
  • Hart Luck ODI Grips
  • Front end lifted 1″ with Bareknuckle Performance Indian Challenger Fork Extension
  • Kuryakn Bullet Atto Amber front turns
  • LED Headlight with custom extension mount.
  • Joker Machine Pegs “Race” Foot Pegs
  • RSD Traction Shift and Brake Pegs
  • Barnstorm Chief/Chieftain Final drive chain conversion
  • Barnstorm + Audette Motorcycles Complete Thunderstroke Engine cover set
  • Revere cam cover
  • Renegade horn cover
  • Revere outer valve covers
  • “BBolt” Sprocket Cover
  • Barnstorm + Audette Motorcycle Moto Hi-Flo air intake
  • Barnstorm signature hand fabricated Stainless Steel 2-1 Exhaust system with custom heat guards. TIG welded with full argon back purge. Finished with an internal ceramic coating and mirror polished.
  • Indian Motorcycle stage tune thanks to the team at Moms of Manchester, NH
  • Barnstorm Chief “Slim Subframe Strut and Fender Conversion”
  • Kuryakn Bullet Atto red rear run/turn/brake lights, laydown license plate mount and LED Plate frame.
  • Barnstorm “BBolt” Primary Cover medallion
  • Barnstorm signature modified gas tank with hand-fabricated “Knee cuts.”
  • Custom seat upholstery stitched by Seamless Custom in Leicester, Massachusetts
  • Custom Powder coating done by C.A.S. Services in Oxford Massachusetts
  • Custom paint-sprayed Blue Moon Kustoms in Oshkosh, Wisconsin

Here you can find the two episodes of the Indian Motorcycle Forged Project that have this build as protagonist:

This is one is even more peculiar than the other one. I absolutely love it.

Our considerations

Indian Motorcycle Forged replicates the format that Indian has been using lately to promote their motorcycles: customizations! The format works great, allows riders to learn something new, keeps them hooked to the screen to see how the final project will look like and, last but not least, allows them to dream a little bit.
To be honest, I love every single bit of it. I look forward to see more of these kind of content. Speaking of which, the next episode will feature Carey Hart creating a special build his longtime friend and fellow FMX legend, Twitch.

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