Indian Motorcycle: 2020 lineup

Indian Motorcycle: 2020 lineup

Indian Motorcycle: 2020 lineup

News on Indian Motorcycle 2020 lineup seem to not have an end! In the last Indian centered article we talked about the new Scout Bobber Twenty and Scout 100th Anniversary Limited Edition. In the meanwhile Indian Motorcycle presented it Big Twin lineup. A new motor, the Thunderstroke 116 , will be installed on seven out the eleven model of the 2020 lineup. Other news are in the Ride Command infotainment system, the introduction of the all new Roadmaster Dark Horse, a renewed Springfield Dark Horse and a premium equipped return: the Chiefstain Elite.

Indian Motorcycle 2020: all news

Great news in terms of Engine, engine management and Touring models infotainment system.

Thunder Stroke 116

This is probably the greatest news in Indian Motorcycle 2020 lineup, the Thunder Stroke 116 is a 49-degree V-twin capable of producing 126 ft/lbs of torque at 2900 rpm. The bore is 4.063 inches (103.2mm) and the stroke measures 4.449 inches (113mm). That means the Thunder Stroke 116 shares the same stroke as the 111, and the extra five cubic inches (79cc) of displacement comes from a bore increase from 3.976 inches (101mm). Designed to combat excessive heat in stop-start traffic. If the Thunder Stroke’s warmed up, and the ambient temperature is over 59 degrees Fahrenheit (that’s 15 Celsius), then every time the bike comes to a standstill, the rear cylinder will cut out, letting the front one keep the motor running. The instant you touch the throttle, the rear cylinder starts to fire again, putting full power at your disposal at all times but keeping heat under control and possibly saving you a bit of gas.

thunder stroke 116 The new Thunder Stroke 116 Engine: simply incredible (credits: Ultimate Motorcycling)

Engine Mapping

It will be possible to choose between three different engine setting: Tour, Standard and Sport. Three different engine “personalities” for an advanced riding experience. Tour mode, the smoothed of them all, the best option for cruising around; standard mode, better engine response, ballance is the key here, power delivery is smooth but ready at any time; sport mode, aggressive power delivery and brilliant acceleration, definitely a must when looking for fun on bendy roads.


It is clear for everyone, in 2020, Indian wants to go big! The Springfield based company introduced an option called Connected Services to its Ride Command. The 7″ display has glove touch technology and, to make things faster, is powered by a quad-core cpu. Predictive navigation, traffic and weather overlays and customizable windows make it more of a travel companion rather than an infotainment system.

Sound system improvement shows how Indian followed its crowd directions. Tweeter and woofer are now separated, as a result, biker will now experience a clearer sound. A new dynamic equalizer will be in charge of adjusting volume an frequencies to compensate wind, road and engine noise. Optimal sound, always!

Indian Motorcycle 2020: main models introductions

Let’s now dive into the major model lineup introductions

Springfield Dark Horse

Total black and polished details give a bad ass look to Springfield models. Equipped with a 19″ front wheel, slimmer front mud guard and the brand new Thunder Stroke 116, this motorcycle is going to drive Indian enthusiasts crazy. A rogue seat, a 12″ mini-ape and a set of sinuous hard bags complete, what appears to be, an ultime ride. Let’s talk about colors: this bad boy is supposed to come in Thunder Black Smoke, Sagebrush Smoke or White Smoke.

Roadmaster Dark Horse

Once aknowledged the Chiefstain Dark Horse success, Indian, for its 2020 lineup, decided to insert a new model: the Roadmaster Dark Horse.
This model is packed: Rogue gunfighter heated seat, heated grips, tour pack,hard lower fairings, and electric windshield. A matte paintjob with black details, chome parts, and a 19″ front wheel covered by a mudguard redesigned to go along with a set of bagger style hard bags, complete this unique package.

Chieftain Elite

chieftain elite 2020 indian motorcycle Chieftain Elite 2020 by Indian Motorcycle: unique style (credits by: Spirit Motorcycle)

Chieftain Elite will be equipped with the Thunder Stroke 116 motor and the powerfull PowerBand Audio Plus, with speakers located in the fairing and hard bags. The system is capable of pushing 400 watt, 4 times more powerful that the one equipped on the other Chiefstain models.
Only available in Thunder Black Vivid Crystal & Wild Fire Red Candy, and painted engine details.
Icening on the cake: a 19″ front wheel, personalized Select Rider pegs and Flare windshield.

Indian Motorcycle 2020: other models

Indian 2020 lineup has other updates. Chief Dark Horse and Chief Vintage models will share frame with Springfield and Springfield Dark Horse models; a detail that make Chief models more agile also thanks to the new adjustable rear suspension. Springfield and Chief Dark Horse models will be equipped with a 17″ front wheel for more stability.
Roadmaster models wiil be lighter and will have a redesigned tour pack. It looks like Indian® Motorcycle wanted to not only give an aggressive look to its lineup, but provide a better riding experience for its bikers.

New Colors

Here is a list of colors depending on the engine:

Thuder Stroke 116
(1.901 cc.)

  • Chieftain: Titanium Smoke
  • Roadmaster Dark Horse: Thunder Black Smoke, Ruby Smoke, Fumo Bianco
  • Springfield Dark Horse: Thunder Black Smoke, Fumo di Salvia, Fumo Bianco
  • Chieftain Dark House: Thunder Black Smoke, Fumo di Titanio, Fumo di Rubino
  • Chieftain Limited: Thunder Black Pearl, Radar Blue, Thunder Black Pearl con pacchetto grafico
  • Chieftain Elite: Thunder Black Vivid Crystal Over Wildfire Red Candy
  • Roadmaster: Thunder Black, Borgogna Metallic, Bianco Perla su Titanio Metallizzato con Gessato Nero, Fumo di Titanio sopra il tuono, Fumo nero con gessato argento.

Motore Thunder Stroke 111
(1819 cc)

  • Chief Dark Horse: Thunder Black Smoke
  • Chieftain Classic: Thunder Black
  • Chief Vintage: Thunder Black, Willow Green Over Ivory Cream
  • Springfield: Thunder Black, Borgogna Metallico su Titanio Metallico

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