INDIAN FTR and ENDS CUOIO bags: a perfect combination

INDIAN FTR and ENDS CUOIO bags: a perfect combination

The most famous Indian FTR does not need any introduction. Bikers who love the Spirit Lake based company perfectly know every detail of the FTR journey: born in 2019 as a tribute to the Scout FTR750 performance and domain in the AMA Flat Track Championship. Indian Motorcycles focused on making a road legal version of the Scout FTR750, creating something that turned into a real cult. Let’s talk a bit about details: the FTR1200 measures 2.286mm in length, 850mm of width and 1297mm of height for a weight of only 221kg.  The FTR tank has a 3,4 gallons capacity that, thanks to a fuel consumption of approximately 34 miles per gallon, allows riders to ride around 100 miles with a full tank. It’s impressive, considering that the liquid cooled 1203cc engine is capable of pushing 111hp and 80 pund-feet of torque.

Indian FTR and Ends Cuoio, love at first sight

Recently, this April to be precise, Indian® announced a new model: the FTR® CARBON! The company promised a premium version supposed to be even closer to the Flat Track AMA winning Scout FTR750. Indian kept its word and on May the 1st – during a fantastic presentation – unveiled an FTR® with numerous carbon fiber details like the tank cover, the airbox, the seat cover and the front mudguard. All details that add more to the FTR model line racing soul.

Due to the breath-taking performance and sporty inclination, FTR owners are mostly reluctant to install any kind of personalized leather bags.

Ends Cuoio artisans decided to accept the challenge and designed a couple of bags for Indian FTR keeping in mind this Spirit Lake model sporty inclinations. The result was a success: Ends Cuoio followers and customers reacted amazingly well, purchasing a large number of both tail and swingarm bags: Kiowa and Navajo. The reason behind this success is that both Kiowa and Navajo are designed to crash the belief that FTR models do not need bags or look less sporty with them installed on. The outcome of Ends Cuoio Centro Stile hard work is represented by these two products of absolute style and performance.  Let’s dive into these motorcycle bags details.

An Indian FTR (credits:

FTR and Kiowa, perfect combination

Let’s start with Kiowa, a vegetable tanned bull leather bag specifically designed for Indian® FTR® models. Its back panel is made of a leather lined iron plate that – beside providing the right amount of support at any time – allows a decent amount of loading room. The installation system is shaped to allow pillions to safely reach the passenger handlebar. Kiowa design does not take leg-room away so rider and pillion can ride as safely & comfortably as possible. It can be ordered in many colors and with standard or quick buckles. In a few words: Kiowa is the perfect bag for FTR®.

Navajo, functional and versatile

The other whole new bag designed by Ends Cuoio for Indian® FTR® models is Navajo which, as Kiowa, is handcrafted using vegetable tanned bull leather personally selected from the best tuscan tanneries. Ends Cuoio Centro Stile designed this swingarm bag to enhance FTR® sporty silhouette. In fact, both the bag lines and anchoring points are shaped and placed in order to position Navajo base parallel to the ground and allow its top portion to follow the FTR® beautiful tail lines. The end result is a perfect swingarm bag: versatile, functional and perfectly calibrated for every Indian FTR model.  Bikers who tried Kiowa and Navajo on their FTR® are satisfied by the design and room. Are you ready to take this challenge? ;)

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