How to tell if a leather saddlebag is fake

How to tell if a leather saddlebag is fake

How to tell if a leather saddlebag is fake

Are you able to tell the difference between a fake saddlebag and a genuine one? Do you know why there is a profound difference between an original product and a counterfeit one? Here are some useful information about health, maintenance and quality of the original genuine leather bags. At least that is what our customers – satisfied by a product that meets all criteria a saddlebag should have – say. We have been riding along bikers since 2006 and yet, up to this day, when they refer to us as “Ends” we melt like butter. By names make us feel closer to the riders and – I am not ashamed to say it – we love it! Being bikers our selves and, of course, feeling part of a huge family, give us the motivation to always do the best to match production standards aligned with every rider high standards.

How to spot a fake saddlebag

Lately we have noticed an increase in fake products all over online stores; yup, on amazon too. For example, we do not sell on Amazon, yet it is plenty of fake leather goods with our logo. If you come across an item like that keep in my that it’s a fake saddlebag. We are here to explain why is important to ditch fake leather saddlebags in favour to genuine products. At this point in time, in every house there is a counterfeit product of which we do not even know the origin. There are a million reasons why we need to avoid fake products, and are exhaustive enough to understand why these products are not a smart choice, especially when it comes to things we need to in contact with all day. As every other market, leather goods market has its more and less known brands; then, lurking in the shadows is full of scammers who feed off people work, copying and producing products with cancerous materials.

Design innovativo e cura per i dettagli

Be always sure about leather origin

It is inevitable.  Leather plays a key role when it come to motorcycle leather saddlebags quality and durability. Every time a leather good catches your attention remember to ask if it is made of genuine leather and if it is vegetable tanned leatherFYI: a product can be genuine even if not made of genuine leather. Genuine leather only guarantees a higher quality. Genuine vegetable tanned leather guarantees a quality that no other leather product can give.

Use your senses, it’s a matter of feelings

Tanneries turn animal skin into genuine leather which has specific chemical, physical and mechanical specs. It is a non perishable material we use to handcrafted life lasting saddlebags with which is possible to share unforgettable moments on your custom motorcycle. Leather has good values in terms of hygiene and resistance, traits that can be perceived by simply touching the material.
The pleasing tactile appeal it provokes, thanks to its captivating and comfortable consistency, allows the consumer to have a first clue about genuine leather quality, safety and reliability.

Genuine leather is able to provide amazing sensorial experiences, especially when it come to both touch and sight. Those who live in contact to genuine leather know how to spot genuine or fake leather goods. Perfection gives away fake leather: genuine vegetable tanned leather has noticeable imperfections like scars and wrinkles. Bags or seats production process enhances these qualities.

cuoio conciato al vegetale naturale

If the eyes fail us we can always count on our nose. Genuine leather has a soft scent with a pungent retronasal perception. Recognising its quality requires a minimum knowledge of the material. Yet our senses help us understand because genuine leather quality is naturally true.
Some fragrances really give leather away at a point that Master perfumers use leather scents as a base for their perfumes.

Fake products do not only damage quality standards and health but also industries and moral values. We highly recommend to ditch counterfeit products. Questi prodotti Fake non provocano danni solo a qualità e salute ma anche alle industrie ed a valori morali. Consigliamo a tutti i riders di diffidare dai prodotti contraffatti.

We have pushed our selves to the limit in order to create something unique that could be synonym of quality and durability. We will continue our journey knowing that doing the right thing and providing a premium service is totally worth it.

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