How to install a saddlebag on Indian Scout Bobber®

How to install a saddlebag on a Indian Scout Bobber

How to install a saddlebag on Indian Scout Bobber®

Here we are again with an article about how to install an Ends Cuoio saddlebag; if you are here it means you are interested in knowing how to properly install a saddlebag on a Indian Scout Bobber ®. Lately we have received a lot of request for installations on Indian motorcycles ® models, so here we are with this article.

How to install a saddlebag on a Indian Scout Bobber

Installing a saddlebag on Indian ® Scout Bobber ® models is easy and intuitive, but in the event that you encounter problems during installation we advise you to visit the site or contact us immediately. Today we are going to talk about our Cherokee, handcrafted leather saddlebag specifically designed to enhance Scout Bobber ® models lines.

Cherokee bag on Indian Scout Indian Scout Bobber: monta la tua borsa Ends Cuoio! (credits: Archivio Ends Cuoio)

Let’s dive into its installation process:

1. Remove the fender bolt located near the blinker
2. Slide a spacer on the provided bolt and pin it in the fender hole near the blinker
3. Remove the fender bolt located near the seat
4. Insert the second provided bolt in the bracket hole and slide the spacer on it
5. Place the bracket between the blinker side bolt head and its spacer
6. Insert the other bolt into the fender hole located near the seat
7. Tight both bolts
8. Remove license plate bracket bolt
9. Assembly the little bracket as shown in the picture
10. Pin the bolt to the license plate bracket (Make sure tha the bracket faces outward)
11. Apply washers on the bracket
12. Place the bag on the support and slide washers on both bolts.
13. Place nuts on bolts but do not tight them yet
14. Insert a washer and a bolt in the hole at the bottom of the bag, making sure to insert the bolt also in the small bracket hole
15. Apply the small provided nut on that bolt
16. Tight all nuts

CAUTION: we do not provide any additional spacers for non-original license plate kits. Compensate the gap by getting more spacers.

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