How to install a saddlebag on 2018/2019 Softail models

how to install a saddlebag on a softail

How to install a saddlebag on 2018/2019 Softail models

With a new purchase there always are new things to learn; things can get complicated especially if it needs to be installed on something. Usually instruction booklets are not really straightforward; filled with missunderstandable passages that would be difficult to follow even by the most expert of us. Here is, in a couple of steps, how to install a saddlebag on 2019 softail easily and safely on a motorcycle. If you are not accustomed with this kind of works, please contact an Harley Davidson shop. 

How to install a saddlebag on a Softail: 2018/2019

softail 2018 e 2019 Harley Davidson Softail 2018 e 2019: simply stunning (credits by: In Moto)

  1. Remove all original fender bolts (To do so, on some models, is important to keep the fender back bracket in position)
  2. Place washers on the provided bolts and insert them into the bag holes
  3. Apply other two washers on the outside and place both spacers (The longer spacer needs to be placed on the bolt near the seat, and the shorter spacer needs to be placed on the bolt near the blinker)
    On motorcycles equipped with detachable sissybar use the sissybar bushings instead of the provided spacers
  4. Place the bag on the original fender (Some models require you to hold the bracket in place)
  5. Tight both bolts and close the bag

Installation requires a supplied spacers on these models: Low Rider, Street Bob, Slim, Deluxe, Heritage, Fat Bob, Fat Boy, Breakout.


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