How to change oil on a Indian® Scout®

How to change oil on Indian Scout

How to change oil on a Indian® Scout®

Today we are going to show you how to change oil on Indian Scout. In the world we live in a lot of people have a motorcycle and prise it for its power and beauty.
Some of them treat their bike like family members they would give up their life for. I cannot even begin to explain that feeling to you, but I am sure you already know what I am talking about anyway. Like any other relationship, the one that bond bikers and bikes, is based on respect and sharing: if you treat her right and with respect, you will be able to share together unforgettable moments.

How to change oil on Indian Scout: do maintenance right

Treat her wrong and you will regret it. Motorcycles will not forgive mistreatment, that is why doing maintenance right is very important!
Indian Scout oil change kit comes with 4 tanks of 15w-60 oil, which is the recommended one for Scout ® models. This is a rather easy operation to perform, however is really important to keep high concentration levels. A mistake could compromise your motorcycle engine life. Working meticulously is possible to perform maintenance operation from which your motorcycle life could really benefit. Let’s dive into the process.

come cambiare olio indian scout (photo credits by: Red Live)

Getting the tools ready

To change oil on a Indian Scout it is necessary to purchase an Indian Motorcycle oil change kit from an authorized dealer. You will also need a bucket, a 6mm hex key, a funnel, a pair of gloves and a couple of paper towels. It is important to warm up the bike first; cold tends to be thicker and come out slower than warm oil does. Its is important to worm up your bike first. Cold oil tends to be thicker and, therefore, move slowly. Here at Ends Cuoio we highly recommend you to purchase Indian Motorcycle® genuine parts.  

The actual steps for the oil change on Indian Scout

As we said before, let’s start by warming up our motorcycle. When it is warm we can proceed with the oil change:

  1. Untight the drain plugs
  2. Place a bucket under the bike and remove the plugs
  3. Check the plugs for debrids and clean them
  4. Remove the original oil filter

Once the oil is all out: screw the plugs back in place, install a new oil filter (remember to lubricate the gasket with new oil) and fill the oil tank to the correct level.

Now it si time tu put a saddlebag on your Indian!

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