Harley Davidson X440


Harley Davidson X440

The Harley Davidson X440 is the new born from a collaboration between the Milwaukee based motorcycle company and the Indian Hero Motocorp. It will be something in the middle of a cruiser and a naked. Let’s discover it together.

New horizons

After years of “Made in America” motorcycles, Harley Davidson decides it is time to expand its horizons and open up to partnerships with other companies.
After presenting the X350 and X500 – which will be produced by the Chinese colossus Quianjiang – the company has just created this new collaboration with the Indian Hero Motocorp for the production of the Harley Davidson X440: not the cruiser that we would expect from the famous milkaukee based company, but a clever motorcycle that fall between the cruiser and the naked segments.

Harley Davidson x440 style

The name of this motorcycle continues the trend of the little sister produced by Quianjiang (X350 and X500), and – to be absolutely honest – also some of the lines that define its style resemble the other two motorcycles: a couple of elements of the headlight and of the tank are really similar.
As mentioned before, the motorcycle is distant from what we usually see from Harley Davidson: it is smaller, with large handlebars that suggest a friendlier riding position.

Our thoughts

The presentation will be on July the 4th but the static pictures released by the company  – which confirm what spy pics have been showing us lately – the motorcycle seem a sort of very easy to ride entry level.
The technical details are close to none, all we know is what we can see from the pictures: it appears to have an upside-down fork and double shocks on the back.
The engine, that should be a 440cc mono, seems to be air cooled.
It probably represent what that market is asking for at the moment. It is something other brands are doing lately (finally I should say): listening to what the market, and customers, are asking for.
If the price is good, it could also be a nice entry level motorcycle in many European countries.
Don’t you think?

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