Harley-Davidson X440: exhaust sound


Harley-Davidson X440: exhaust sound

The Harley-Davidson X440 is bound to be launched so, in Milwaukee, they decided to tease us with its exhaust note in a new video published by the Harley-Davidson India official Instagram page.

Harley-Davidson x440 sound

Harley-Davidson India teasing game is spot-on! They started by showing just bits, then moved to real-world images of the motorcycle roadster in the lap of the Himalayas, to dropping the bomb: the exhaust note. Nope, do not worry, it is nothing like the bit disappointing X35o exhaust sound.

We are more than happy to hear that the Harley-Davidson x440 has a nice and punchy exhaust note: louder and cleaner than the Royal Enfield 350s; a bit different from the tinny sounds produced by the Husqvarna and KTM mono-cylinder motors. It is bound to catch people attention while riding around, that’s for sure. Yup, you read that correctly, we said mono-cylinder. This motorcycle is equipped with a 440cc single-cylinder engine – first of his kind of the 21st century and born thanks to a partnership with Indian giant Hero MotoCorp – capable, to our knowledge at the moment, of producing around 30-35 horsepower; the RPM redline is set at 8000 rpm, which makes me really curious to see how the power will be put to ground by this motor. If the output is what it is rumoured to be, the Harley-Davidson x440 will out-power by 10-15 horsepower its direct rival: the 20-HP Royal Enfield Hunter 350.


The video shared by Harley-Davidson India does not only tease about the sound, it also shows the instrument at work. We are talking about a fully digital unit that – for what we can see in the video – shows speed, trip meters, fuel level, and fuel efficiency. A closer look also reveals a dedicated switch cube on the left that hints there’s more to the display than we can see here. It might sport traction control or smartphone connectivity but, to be 100% sure, we will  have to wait for Harley-Davidson to disclose more details.

We must mention that the switches follow a chunky, squarish pattern, exactly like Milwaukee’s big cruisers. We also already know that the X 440 will sport all-LED lights, alloy wheels, and dual-channel ABS as standard. It will be topped by non-adjustable upside-down forks and gas-charged rear shocks. Again, all these specs put it ahead of its competition in the market it was designed for.

Out thought on the Harley-Davidson X440 sound

What to say, it appears to be one of the most enjoyable sound produced by the mono-cylinders in ita category (to our taste, of course). It most definitely backs up what Harley Davidson India has been claiming for a while: they insisted that the company dedicated extra Research and Development resources for a characteristic Harley-like exhaust note. In fact, we think that this single cylinder motor sounds as close as it can get to the sound produced by it V-twin big sisters.

The full reveal of the Harley-Davidson X 440 will take place on July the 3rd, 2023 at Hero’s test facility in Jaipur, India.
It will most definitely hit the Indian market first; then, maybe an International unveil will follow. Of course, the international part of what we have just said is unconfirmed, but we are hoping to see the X440 riding around the world.

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