Harley-Davidson partners with Dainese for its Smart Vest

Harley-Davidson dainese

Harley-Davidson partners with Dainese for its Smart Vest

Motorcycles offer an exhilarating riding experience, but inherent risks come with the freedom of the open road. Unlike cars with built-in safety features like airbags, motorcycles rely on rider protection gear.

For decades, motorcycle airbag vests and jackets have provided an extra layer of defense. These innovative systems, separate from the motorcycle itself, are worn by riders for impact protection.

Dainese, a leading motorcycle gear manufacturer, offers the cutting-edge D-air technology, touted as the “most advanced protection ever” for riders. This intelligent system utilizes sensors that constantly monitor the rider’s surroundings, taking readings 1,000 times per second. In the event of a collision with another vehicle, object, or even a rear-end hit, the D-air system automatically deploys airbags for the chest and back.

These airbags inflate rapidly, forming a protective shield around the rider’s torso and creating a seal with the helmet. While not foolproof, D-air significantly reduces the risk of injuries in specific accident scenarios.

The D-air system goes beyond airbags. It incorporates two replaceable gas generators (requiring recharging at authorized dealers) and a USB-chargeable battery with a 26-hour lifespan.

To prevent accidental deployment, the system remains inactive until the rider mounts the motorcycle and reaches a minimum speed of 6.2 mph (10 kph). Vibrations from the motorcycle also trigger activation. When operational, a blue flashing light on the left chest and a vibration alert the rider.

Harley-Davidson recently partnered with Dainese to integrate this technology into their “Smart Vest” for both men and women. These sleek vests boast a stylish black perforated cowhide leather shell for breathability and flexibility.

The Harley-Davidson Smart Vest offers additional features like zippered handwarmer pockets, reflective material for enhanced visibility, and Harley-Davidson branding. The slim design allows for wearing under or over a riding jacket, maximizing comfort and protection.

By incorporating advanced airbag technology, motorcycle gear manufacturers like Dainese and Harley-Davidson are revolutionizing rider safety, allowing enthusiasts to enjoy the thrill of the ride with greater peace of mind.

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