Harley Davidson Milwaukee eight oil change

milwaukee eight oil change

Harley Davidson Milwaukee eight oil change

How to performa a Milwaukee eight oil change? If you know a brand new Harley Davidson, that must be a recurring topic between you and your friends. Bikers family is huge and its members are always ready to share their knowledge with others. We can all benefit from a helping hand from time to time. Big props to Fat Head Cycles on youtube for their help. If you guys need to watch a tutorial you now know where to go.

Milwaukee Eight oil change

The first thing to do is to remove the oil cap. It is located on the motorcycle right side, close to the passenger peg. Before doing anything else we need to check the oil levels, this will allow us to check if the oil level is right and, therefore, if there are some oil leaks or if the oil consumption is too high. We will leave the oil cap off, this will allow the old oil to flow out faster once the oil drain plug is off. The drain plug is located right below the bike, as indicated in the picture. Once we are sure about its location we grab a drain pan and un-tight the plug using a 5/8 socket.

We now can remove the drain plug and let the oil flow in our drain pan. During the time the oil takes to completely drain, we have the chance to take care of other important aspects of this service precedure. It is now the time for us to check the magnetic side of the our drain plug: it is important for it to be metallic shards and silver dust free.
Once is all wiped and clean it will be ready to be reinstalled.

milwaukee eight harley davidson Milwaukee Eight: oil change is a piece of cake (credits by: SuperMoto Tecnica)

Very important: everytime you are changing oil on your motorbike, is to check the transmission fluid. It does not matter if you are changing it or not, is just that these Milwaukee eight engines are known to transfer fluids from the transmission, o into the primary. Therefore is important to make sure that all levels are as they are supposed to. We are going to unscrew the deeostick with a 3/8 allen, wipe it, screew it back in, then remove it again and check the levels. Once we are done with this operation we are going to take care of the oil filter.

Removing the oil filter is an easy task and, with a lil’ trick, wi will not make a mess. We are going to use a splash shield to guide the oil into our drain pan.

We are going to remove the old oil filter with an Harley Davidson oil filter key. Now we will fill the new filter with new oil in order to have all filter media lubricated. This is important to keep the motor from running dry even if it’s only for a couple of seconds.

Before proceeding with anything else, we will take a finger full of new oil and run it around the gasket so it does not stick.

Now it is time for us to remove the splash shield, wipe the housing clean and place the new filter.
Let’s put the new filter in and thread it in by hand until we cannot thread it anymore, then we will give it 3/4 of a turn. No need to wrench down on it, the chances of damaging it are really high and we do not want to compromise its lifespan.

Final step

We are now going to remove the funnel and put the cap back in its place, and check the oil level now that the engine is cold. We will proceed with turning the engine on and make it run to temperature for a couple of minutes while we check for oil leaks. Our job is done! As you can see, performing a Milwaukee Eight oil change is a piece of cake. I hope this was helpfull for you. If you have any question please do not hesitate to write it in the comment panel. I will be more than happy to help you with everything you need.

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