Harley Davidson CVO : 2024 Road Glide and Street Glide

Harley Davidson CVO models 2024

Harley Davidson CVO : 2024 Road Glide and Street Glide

Harley Davidson CVO models might be part of the models that Jochen Zeitz – Presiden and CEO of Harley Davidson – was talking about during the press conference for the Harley-Davidson 120th anniversary. Looking at the pictures leaked online it appears that the Team in Milwaukee is ready to start a revolution. Let’s talk about it!


At first glance, it is possible to tell that both the new Harley Davidson CVO have a new fairing design. The Road Glide has a noticeably different shape, with the top edge in a convex shape…guess it is not going to be called shark anymore. The front of the fairing has a new headlight shape with extensions protruding to either side. There are no visible turn signals, therefore, we assume the headlight shape incorporates the forward turn signals.
The single shot of the CVO Street Glide also shows a new batwing fairing design. The fairing juts forward below the headlight, which is framed by a horseshoe-shaped LED. The light appears to extend to either side and peek through slits in the fairing. Again, the absence of visible makes us think that these slits may serve as day lights/indicators.
The windscreen is missing from the top of both fairings but, from the position of the mounting points, the screens might finally have electronic adjustment.

Harley Davidson CVO Engine

Looking at the engine is possible to notice the number “121”, suggesting a 121ci version of the Milwaukee-Eight engine, instead of the 117 engine used for the last few years. Having a couple Harley-Davidson CVO models with a larger engine comes as no surprise, now with the ST models and the Breakout all coming with the M-8 117. That being said, it is a bit surprising that it is a 121ci and not the 122ci currently offered as a Screamin’ Eagle Stage III upgrade.


The front wheel design perfectly matches the set of cast wheels that in Milwaukee are currently offering as an accessory for the Harley Davidson CVO Road Glide models. On the new models, however, the front wheel appear to be attached to an inverted fork, and paired with two radial-mount Brembo calipers. From the left side, it does not look like the fork has the wire leads for the Pan America Special’s Adaptive Ride Height but, they might surprise us with something similar to what Indian did with the Pursuit.

2024 Harley Davidson CVO conclusions

There are a million things to say about these leaked images. Let’s start by saying that, the platforms carrying the motorcycle and the markers are similar to what is used in Harley-Davidson’s factory in York, Pa. Which leads us to believe these models are legit. The big point here is: do we need to expect a revolutionized 2024 line-up? Engine aside, the whole look of both the Road Glide and the Street Glide are completely different from what we are used to. Also – considering that Indian does it with the Challenger – it would also be a crime to not equipe the non CVO models with upside down forks and radial calipers.



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