Hard Bags VS Leather Bags: Which One Is The Best For You?

hard bags vs leather bags

Hard Bags VS Leather Bags: Which One Is The Best For You?

Harley-Davidson® production line every year places on the market as much hard bags equipped touring models, as Dyna®, Sportster® and Softail® which come out the factory with no saddlebags. Thanks to a dynamic market and bikers’ taste, a wide choice of hard and leather saddlebags is available for all Harley-Davidson® models. Let’s dive into the main differences between both kind of bags.

Hard Bags and leather bags

Hard bags are made using materials like metal, plastic, fiber or resin. Materials that grant a low production price but that, at that same time, are the main cause of an anonymous look. One of the greatest perks of this kind of bags is that, with a gasket around the lid, they become waterproof. Equipped with clasps and locking systems they provide a great deal of peace of mind; thing is that, despite their great aerodynamic shapes, they sometimes resemble safe boxes.

Leather bags are usually made using vegetable or chrome tanned leather. Vegetable tanning is a process which not only is environmentally friendly but also produces the best variety of leather. The best leather saddlebags are handcrafted and personalized in order to reflect their owner personality and philosophy.
Thanks to pioneer brands, leather saddlebags have now closed the gap in terms of practicality.

Hard bags vs leather bags: Mauro Meconi bag
Personalized bag for Mauro Meconi

Nowadays we have leather saddlebags that are easy to install thanks to quick release systems, quick buckles and locks. Usually leather bags are less aerodynamic than the hard ones, but some brands sell bags with a back panel specifically shaped to perfectly match a motorcycle silhouette, a detail that drastically reduces the distance between the fender and the saddlebag itself.

Ends Cuoio bags

Choosing the right kind of leather is the most important step in any saddlebag production process. Premium quality leather makes a huge difference in terms of durability, maintenance and overall product quality. In order to provide the finest product possible, for our leather goods, we only use vegetable tanned leather personally selected from the best Tuscan Tanneries. Tanneries certified by the Genuine Italian Vegetable Tanned Leather Consortium, an association that counts more than 20 Tanneries which share the same passion for vegetable tanned leather and the same production standards.

Design innovativo e cura per i dettagli

Vegetable Tanning

Leather obtained with this 100% natural process is environment friendly and unique. This tanning process enhances every pelt detail creating an exclusive and authentic final result. We believe that the best trait this leather has is the patina that it develops over time. Matter of fact, vegetable tanned leather gets better and better over time.

We choose Vegetable tanning. Our customers want a reliable product that lasts over time and that absorbs all the experiences graven on  them skin.

We are in a world where technology makes our reality go faster and faster; perhaps we should stop every now and then to think about what kind of products we need to use. We should take into consideration technologies that allow us to obtain better products. The difference between these two kind of tanning process shoudl teach us a valuable lesson: purchase something that respects quality, durability and health criteria, rather than a low cost product of poor quality which is also bad for the environment.

Vegetable tanned leather is a product worthy of receiving care and attention during all its processing phases; it is not ashamed to show the scars and signs suffered over time. Leather is proud of its marks and, therefore, makes them its unique and unrepeatable identity; traits that represent a beauty that has matured with the use and experience of its owner. Vegetable tanned leather is a legacy to be protected, just like the world we live in.

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