Habemus Situs! Discover Ends Cuoio new website

new website

Habemus Situs! Discover Ends Cuoio new website

Here we are. After months of intense work, Ends Cuoio brand new site is online. A meticulous and precise work that aims to lead us in the new millennium. A fast and intuitive web site that only has one purpose: improve the user experience allowing users to spend time on and intriguing platform. A new site is more of a starting point rather than a destination. During the last couple of years technology has made huge steps and we felt the need to keep up. We needed a faster, easier, and more intuitive site. An up-to-date web space that could respond well to new algorithms and to the new rules that regulate the digital market. We can finally say that we are happy. Through the article you will understand why

A new design in the name of modernity

Our new site comes with a fresh, energetic and brilliant design. We have uploaded a huge amount of pictures that will allow users to see their favorite bags, seats and accessories under different perspectives. A set of pictures that are able to transmit attention to detail. Our bags, seats, accessories and the entire Ends Cuoio Plus line are the outcome of a meticulous work on vegetable tanned leather.

Vegetable tanned leather is a special material that beautifies with time and use, and – according to the latest research – is an adjuvant substance in the fight against bacteria. Our products deserved a couple more shots. Imagine less, see more. We did it for you.

Create your bag in a couple of clicks

If the news on the site design is interesting, those about search filters are REVOLUTIONARY. We have to admit it: on filters we have tried to outdo ourselves. It is fundamental to have natural filter process that allows every user to create the best bag possible. Something unique and personal, not just any stock bag placed on the market. The bag you have ever dreamed of and that you did not know it could be put together in a couple of clicks. Available options:

  • Side
  • Installation system
  • Motorcycle model
  • Leather color
  • Stitching color

Your bag takes shape in few clicks. To be clear, it is not a problem if it only takes you a couple of seconds or if you spend all day playing with our filters. Let’s be honest, we wouldn’t be prouder if you did: 4 motorcycle brands (Harley Davidson, Indian, Triumph and BMW), more than 200 products and more than 2400 variants. In total, we are talking about more that 190 thousand combinations.

New products: vegetable tanned leather triumph

Keychains, wallets, belts, pick holders, guitar straps, leg bags and purses. The whole new Ends Cuoio Plus line keeps growing and in the next few weeks will include new products. For these products, as for all our products, are made using vegetable tanned leather personally selected from the best Tuscan tanneries.

Vegetable tanned leather is a distinctive trait of Ends Cuoio production. In a moment in which artisanry is challenged by stock production, we outstand thanks to Italian Excellence and a 100% Made in Italy artisanal production. Is that all? Definitely not! Follow our future articles to learn more about our new website and to learn more about our products.

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