Forget the Clutch , Focus on the Ride: New Automated Shift Assistant (ASA)

bmw motorrad Automated Shift Assistant (ASA)

Forget the Clutch , Focus on the Ride: New Automated Shift Assistant (ASA)

BMW Motorrad revolutionizes the motorcycling experience with its latest innovation, the Automated Shift Assistant (ASA), designed to simplify riding by automating the clutch and gearshift processes. The ASA embodies the principle “Simplify your ride,” enhancing both the ease and enjoyment of motorcycling through its advanced electromechanical system, which allows riders to shift gears without a manual clutch.

The ASA’s key feature lies in its two electromechanical actuators that manage the six-speed transmission’s clutch and gear shifts. This system removes the need for manual clutch operation, streamlining the start, stop, and maneuvering phases of riding. The result is a smoother, more responsive ride that maintains the dynamic feel essential to the motorcycling experience.

Riders will appreciate the ASA’s capacity for fast, adaptive shifting. This system not only adjusts to the engine’s revolutions and load but also ensures precise gear changes. Such capabilities reduce the rider’s workload, making the journey more pleasurable and less taxing. Moreover, the precise clutch operation of the ASA provides an improved connection with the motorcycle’s boxer engine, facilitating finer control over the motorcycle through the throttle and shift lever.

The ASA offers two shifting modes: ‘M’ for manual and ‘D’ for dynamic automated shifting. In ‘M’ mode, riders can still use the foot control to shift gears manually, giving them the flexibility to choose shift timings. In ‘D’ mode, the system optimizes shift points automatically, enhancing motorcycle acceleration and stability. This mode not only reduces the jerkiness typically associated with manual shifting but also minimizes helmet contact risks between rider and passenger.

Furthermore, the ASA promotes smoother downshifts, reducing disturbances to the chassis and tailoring shift characteristics to various riding modes. When combined with other technologies like Active Cruise Control or front collision warning, the ASA not only stands as a step forward in motorcycling technology but also integrates into a broader network of motorcycle functions, heralding a new era in the motorcycling experience.

The ASA system includes sophisticated electronic controls and electromechanical actuators that manage both the clutch and gear shifts, enabling seamless gear changes without manual input. This system significantly enhances riding by eliminating the need for clutch operation, offering a choice between manual or automatic shifting, and adapting gear shifts to the dynamic preferences of the rider in ‘D’ mode.

The introduction of the Automated Shift Assistant by BMW Motorrad is not just an advancement in motorcycle technology but also a testament to BMW’s commitment to innovation, sustainability, and efficient resource management. As BMW Group continues to lead in the premium automotive and motorcycle markets globally, innovations like the ASA exemplify the company’s dedication to enhancing the customer experience through technology.

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