Premium magnetic mechanical technology


Every day we find ourselves opening and closing fasteners in a mechanical and seemingly boring way: why not make this moment special too?

This is exactly what FIDLOCK does: making the act of opening and closing fasteners unique, helping adults and children to manage their daily routines through an exciting combination of function and fun.
FIDLOCK magnetic fasteneres are characterised by intuitive operation and comfort in use, the result of a unique recipe for success: the FIDLOCK concept.

Quick and Secure Fastening

FIDLOCK has always been aware of the fact that quick and secure fastening, together with intuitive handling, makes routines easier for many people in various situations, while also adding an extra fun factor.

Thanks to the special haptics of their fasteners, they are useful in many uncomfortable situations, e.g. for frequent glove wearers or when you can’t get a full view of the fastener.

A Special Experience

The development of a magnetic mount for cello bows has been influenced by magnets and reversed polarities: these facilitate handling and make the process fun.

Today, FIDLOCK’s innovative fasteners create a fastening mechanism with unique functionality, together with a mechanical lock, supporting customers with intuitive and secure features: FIDLOCK fasteners make the opening and closing a fastener a special experience with a wow factor.



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