Faaker See 2018

Could we miss out on 2018 Faaker See? The right answer is: Hell no!
We had our stand, as we have been doing for the past 10 years, at the Arneitz Custom Show, which is one of the biggest outdoor customizers trade fairs in Europe. A place many famous customizers choose top unveil their new masterpieces every year.

A lot of exhibitors choose the Arneitz Custom Show because the vast audience it attracts and because of the organization: is possible, in fact, to find a dry place to stay even if the weather is not so good, and let me tell you, we had a lot of rain this year.

dry place

Established at the beginning of 2003, the Custom Chrome Europe Ride-In Bike Show is now one of the top bike shows around the globe.
This year show was simply mind blowing. For the 16th time Custom Chrome Europe invited Europe’s best Customizers to present their new custom creations.

Icing on the cake? The Jägermeister stage with rock music and, of course, Jägermeister.

But 2018 Faaker See was not only about the Arneitz Custom Show. Our team took turns to go around and live the event to the fullest.

Harley-Davidson® definitely knows how to throw a Rally! Bars and food, live music, a lottery, guided tours, a parade and demo rides kept people entertained all week.

The Parade


Taking part in the spectacular Harley-Davidson Parade is always breathtaking.
The Parade started on Saturday, September 8. At midday all riders will start the route that runs alongside Faaker See to Finkenstein, through the centre of Villach to Ossiach, all around Ossiacher See to Rosseg and back to Faaker See.

Harley Parade

Guided Tours

Hosted by the Alpe Adria Chapter these 3 tours were great for first-timers and and veterans.


Wednesday, September the 5th Road captain Patrick Brandstätter / Heinrich Offner led the 8 and a half hours tour from Carinthia and Glanz


Thursday, September the 6th Roadcaptian: Manfred Dworak / Christian Böhm led the
VISITING FRIENDS 2018 (Carinthia – Völkermarkt) tour for a distance of 265 km


Friday, September the 7th Roadcaptian: Richard Maier / Helmut Kopeinig led GIRO DI CARNIA (Austria – Italy) tour covering a distance of 250 km in 8 hours and a half.

Judging from the smile on riders face Alpe Adria Chapter nailed it!

Harley tours


Located at the heart of the event in the H-D Plaza, the H-D EXPO is home to a huge selection of the new 2019 motorcycles.
Harley-Davidson® staff took care of everything, from helping bikers choose their next ride, to ordering a brochure or arrange a demo ride at local home-dealerships. H-D Financial Services experts on site to answer any questions – speak to them about all your ownership options!
Harley-Davidson® also had the JumpStart® rolling road experience for who doesn’t have a driving licence.

Live music was just the perfect background to an event that, as usual, met our expectation!
Can’t wait for next year!


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