Eternal City in Roma 2020: Ends Cuoio will be there!

Eternal city custom show

Eternal City in Roma 2020: Ends Cuoio will be there!

Attending, as usual. On November the 14th-15th Rome will host the 5th edition of one of the coolest motorcycle events in Italy: the Eternal City Motorcycle Custom Show. Ends Cuoio will attend with its leather saddlebags and accessories. Music, tattoos, barber shop, events and -above all- motorcycles. This is what Eternal City is about, a rally for strong hearted bikers who put their motorcycles before everything else. The Eternal City showcase of all sorts of custom motorcycles (Choppers, hot rod, café racers) granted it a place among the best events in Italy. A unique rally with special guests, high level customizers, food&beer court, vintage clothing, motorcycle accessories, breathtaking shows and a lot more. In short, if you are a biker this is the right place for you.

Ends Cuoio, focused on quality

Quality, design, research, innovation. Four words that best represent Ends Cuoio philosophy, a brand established a couple of decades ago with a purpose: make Italian artisanry standout in Italy and all over the world through an honest, genuine and passional leather craftsmanship. Leather sourced by the best Tuscan tanneries where, according to tradition, it is vegetable tanned: a process that preserves leather qualities and natural traits.

Our craftsmen are to be considered more of leather artists rather than simple workers: beside structural excellence and functionality, they create versatile bags that never appear to be trivial. Here at Ends Cuoio we are always looking for a cut, a sew that can make the difference: a motorcycle is pride, passion, unconditional love and therefore every accessory needs to be perfect and read for all sorts of adventure and climate condition.

The perks of owning and Ends Cuoio Bag are notable: The leather, cut from 4mm thick sheets, is sewed with a 1mm thick thread and, depending on the model, reinforced with polyethylene, aluminum or iron plates to allow shape retention overtime. All metal parts are made of nickel-plated brass (a resistant material that does not rust). Ends Cuoio products are made to last.

Ends Cuoio Plus

Leather is for everyone. You do not need to be a biker to love it and anyone can wear quality accessories. EC+ products for bikers (leg-bag, shoe cover, key fob holder, and telepass holder) and for leather quality lovers (belts and bracelets) come from this idea combined with Ends Cuoio artisans’ experience.

There products are for all those who love to stand out on every occasion, for those who focus on premium craftsmanship and design. Ends Cuoio knows how to make you stand out while riding your motorcycle and in your everyday life.

EC+ line is the outcome of a desire to experiment vegetable tannel leather infinite uses, a ductile and resistant material that can be molded in innovative ways. We liked the idea of letting our passion for leather craftsmanship free to create a line of accessories, in harmony with Ends Couo style, that could be appreciated by those looking for exclusive produts.


The importance of attending the Eternal City Custom Show

We are not going to lie, this year is no like other years. The pandemic has modified our concept of social relationships and social sharing. Since the begin of 2020, a bunch of events have been cancelled or postponed. The 2020 Eternal City Custom Show will take place and Andrea Quintiliani, Ends Cuoio Head Manager, knows it is a unique opportunity: “This year, above all years, we are very proud to attend an important event as the Eternal City Custom Show 2020. The pandemic took away a lot from us in terms of sociality, but I am sure that passion for motorcycles is still burning strong inside all of us. Being part of the event this year is important for two reasons: highlight the importance of Made in Italy and give a message of hope. Our enthusiasm is alive and stronger than ever. See you at the show!”

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