Ends Cuoio, the real Made in Italy

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Ends Cuoio, the real Made in Italy

Made in Italy is synonymous with tradition, history and high quality. It is no coincidence that in Italy, leather materials are among the most widely used to make bags, belts and wallets: essential accessories to complete a travel or social life look. The question arises spontaneously: how are these products made? First of all, it is good to understand the thought behind why vegetable tanning is used instead of chrome tanning. The aim is to reduce waste and guaranteeing a high quality product that combines tradition and innovation in a single artisan reality.

Leather and hide: how to manage these materials?

Of the hides and skins that enter the tannery, about 30% by weight becomes finished products. The remaining part is considered waste and this is why sustainable companies try to find an alternative to avoid waste and damage to the environment. The advantages of vegetable tanned leather are many, including:

  • sustainability: vegetable tanned leather is a material that is on the environment side
  • quality: it is a product worked with care and precision
  • durability: it is resistant over time
  • the value of Made in Italy: it is a product that is worked locally
  • ethics: vegetable tanning uses cattle destined for the food industry, therefore they are not slaughtered for the sole purpose of obtaining their leather

Data on leather in Italy

Every day in Italy 129 million square meters of leather and 34 thousand tons of sole leather are produced, for a total value of over 5.25 billion euros. More than 40% of this production is for footwear (Congiuntura Lineapelle data) Chromium tanning is a rapid leather processing with low production costs. It is a recent technique, characterized by high heat resistance and with more possible colors, harmful for the environment with a not very natural look. Ends Cuoio with its mission that shares the values of Made in Italy and a slower ethic, without forgetting the aesthetics of the product, is the voice of the production of vegetable tanned leather for the realization of accessories for bikers and custom motorcycle riders.

Among the brand’s products are: leather bags for motorcycles, leather belts, wallets, card holders, guitar straps, remote control holders, telepass holders, shoe protectors and products for leather care. The message comes through loud and clear: vegetable tanned leather is a unique material that beautifully complements even the most essential items we take with us when we travel by motorcycle, such as a handbag. When we are on the road we carry with us a baggage that we load with culture and essential objects to face the journey (without forgetting the fundamental objective: to reach the destination, our dreams and desires).

The travel bag is one of those objects that can not miss the crew of a biker. A product made by hand and carefully, following certain ethical and environmental principles, is destined to last over time: we will always carry it with us, in all our adventures. Comfort and quality are the key words that describe Ends Cuoio motorcycle accessories. Preferences between vegetable and chrome leather are different. The fact remains that buying an Ends Cuoio product means to know its origin, the conditions of the workers who processed it and the materials used in its creation.

Ends Cuoio believes and has a passion for Made in Italy, and you believe in it?

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