Ends Cuoio New Site Opening

ends cuoio new site

Ends Cuoio New Site Opening

The new Ends Cuoio web site is online! A new interesting, dynamic place  that better express who we were, who we are now and who we want to become.

New Ends Cuoio web site, a dream come true

Unconditional love for motorcycle, pure and unmatched passion for premium accessories, and and infinite desire to get out there. This is the scenery in which Ends Cuoio was born, a brand that came to light almost as a game in Paliano (Frosinone) at the beginning of the year 2000. The two founders, moved by passion for craftsmanship, decided (as we said before, almost as a game) to create out of nothing a brand that could combine design, style and elegance. To better understand the reasons that led to Ends Cuoio development we need to start from the beginning of this century.

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Nuovo sito Ends Cuoio: una story that comes from a far

In 2004 they received a couple of orders for the motorcycles market but the real turning point was in 2005 when a huge Harley Davidson Rally was organized in Paliano. People in the area started getting more involved in motorcycles and the saddlebags that come with them. At that point in time it seamed only right to concentrate all efforts in the motorcycle markets. That’s what Andrea and Sezin decided to do, and the requests proved them right.

In 2006 they opened the first Ends Cuoio shop in Paliano and hired the first Craftsman. Initially saddlebags were universal; then, with time and and better crafting techniques, the two artisans started to shape every saddlebag specifically for each motorcycle model. It seams easy now, but at the time it was kind of scary, especially for Sezin; she was really feeling the change, the two were becoming business owners.

Day by day growth

In 2012 the need for more working and selling space pushed the company to move in Colleferro. The order amount grew so much that the little laboratory in Paliano was not the right fit anymore. In the last 5 years Ends Cuoio growth had a huge boost: in 2013 Andrea & Sezin started a company in the United States and in 2017 they opened a store up-north in Lecco.  In 2019 we had to leave the “relatively small” laboratory in Colleferro to move to a giant factory (in Colleferro) and a a 10x growth in production. Today Ends Cuoio is the leading company in Europe, exporting all over the world. This is the story of a company born from the dream of a couple of kids; a company that today is synonym of quality all over the world.

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Vegetable tanned leather

Our products secret is the quality of the leather we choose. We exclusively use vegetable tanned bull leather personally selected from the best Tuscan tanneries. We  purchase our main raw material from these tanneries because they represent the absolute excellence on the vegetable tanned leather market. In fact, they belong to the Italian Genuine Tanned Leather Consortium, an association that regulates vegetable leather production and makes sure that rinascimental traditional techniques are followed during every tanning step.

Tanning, matter fo fact, has prehistoric origins and nowadays finds its most excellent expression in Tuscany. For centuries, tuscan master tanners have been using artisanal and traditional techniques that nowadays developed into a perfect mix of tradition and advanced technology.

The transition from raw pelts to leather happens in a 100% natural fashion thanks to the use of tannings that come from trees. This is vegetable tanning true secret: the use of tanning agents that are extracted from plants  and that are responsible for leather brilliancy and resistance.

Saddlebags customizations

All our leather saddlebags for Harley Davidson, Indian and Triumph can be made using differente leather and sewing thread colors. Every bag is also personalizable with prints and phrases. Truly amazing is the fact that some of our bags depth can be modified in order to make them more or less capacious. Some models can also be created with a longer flap, a stylish modification that a lot of our fellow bikers like.

Visit Ends Cuoio new site and choose the right bag for you! 

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