Ends Cuoio, a leather artisans story

Ends Cuoio, a leather artisans story

Ends Cuoio, a leather artisans story

Ends Cuoio: an artisans story that revolves around motorcycles. We fed our dreams with a nice leather scent, a material that has always been the center of our goals. Before getting into Ends Cuoio history details, we would like to tell you what drives our work. Custom motorcycle world made us follow the path of curiosity which grew our will to dare in any situation. This philosophy gave us a lot in terms of personal and customers satisfaction. We create leather works to support you and to be by your side on every road trip you take.

Ends Cuoio: an artisans story

This story begins in the year 2000, when both Ends Cuoio founders, Andrea and Sezin used to craft bracelets, necklace and small objects to sell during fairs. Events in which, watching other artisans work, Andrea fell in love with leather. At the time there was no Youtube and it was not possible to find tutorial on the internet to learn all experts’ techniques. If you wanted to get into something new, you only had three resources to use: intuition, willpower, and practice. Therefore, Andrea started to watch other artisans real close in order to learn their secrets.

ends cuoio storia di successo

A winning idea for a great artisans story

A couple of years later Andrea crafted a gift for Sezin: two leather purses. He took a train to Naples, bought leather and tools and got to work. The result of his work was incredible; Sezin loved them so much she proposed to sell them. At the first event both bags got sold in a blink of an eye; an immediate reward for his work. Andrea and Sezin realized the potential their work had and, strong of their handcrafting knowledge, decided to dedicate more time to leather crafting.

Ends Cuoio: where it comes from

The name comes from Andrea’s father. Andrea’s idol was Jimi Hendrix, so he used to always listen to his music. Not knowing how to pronunce the left handed guitar player name properly, his father came up with a name that resembled something like “ends”. As a tribute to his father, Andrea took this lovely memory and placed it aside the word “cuoio” that in Italian means “leather”. Ends Cuoio.

In 2004 they received a couple of orders for the motorcycles market but the real turning point was in 2005 when a huge Harley Davidson Rally was organized in Paliano. People in the area started getting more involved in motorcycles and the saddlebags that come with them. At that point in time it seamed only right to concentrate all efforts in the motorcycle markets. That’s what Andrea and Sezin decided to do, and the requests proved them right.

The first shop

In 2006 they opened the first Ends Cuoio shop in Paliano and hired the first Craftsman. It seams easy now, but at the time it was kind of scary, especially for Sezin; she was really feeling the change, the two were becoming business owners. Initially saddlebags were universal; then, with time and thanks to better crafting techniques, the two artisans started to shape every saddlebag specifically for each motorcycle model.

Moved by real passion, they started what today is the brand unique trait: the production of saddlebags that perfectly fit thanks to a detailed study of every motorcycle model. Ends Cuoio philosophy based on elegance, strength and high quality materials, revolutionised the market. The company fame grew along the number of orders placed by the ever more satisfied customers. The key of Ends Cuoio success definitely was in aiming to excellence. (In the picture: Folk for Harley Davidson)

Ecco lo stile Ends Cuoio: la Folk per Softail Harley Davidson!

In 2012 the need for more working and selling space pushed the company to move in Colleferro. The order amount grew so much that the little laboratory in Paliano was not the right fit anymore. It is important to consider the time frame in which this company was born and expanded. In a time of financial crisis where even bigger companies had trouble keeping their doors open. The company is the living proof that with hard work and a bit of luck everything can be possible. This is our story, the story of a company born into a garage; a company that today is synonym of quality all over the world. Ends Cuoio, an artisans history. In the last 5 years Ends Cuoio growth had a huge boost: in 2013 Andrea & Sezin started a company in the United States and in 2017 they opened a store up-north in Lecco.  Today Ends Cuoio is the leading company in Europe, exporting all over the world.

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